22 November 2019: Making Websites More Accessible for Persons with Disabilities as a Social Responsibility

Presenter: Engineer Nabil Eid, ACCESS+ABILITY=INNOVATION, Egypt

Date and Time:  Friday, 22 November 2019, 4-5pm SAST/Cairo Time

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Description: Make websites more accessible for Persons with Disabilities is a social responsibility 

  • What is digital accessibility?
  • Are your website and digital content accessible? 
  • Accessibility and the UN-CRPD
  • ICT accessibility policy to implement website
  • Web content accessibility guidelines
  • Web accessibility evaluation tools
  • Test your website for accessibility

Eng. Nabil Eid is a Researcher and international expert on accessibility and assistive technology for persons with disabilities.  An independent consultant with the United Nations on Disability, ITU, Arab Region Office in the Middle East and North Africa,        Partner with Ruh Global Impact, USA, Partner with David Banes Access and Inclusion Services, an international speaker and Author of five (5) books on disability inclusion strategies in English & Arabic 

This event has ended please refer to the recording here

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