18 September 2019: Designing for All: Accessibility & Universal Design (AECT webinar)

Presenters: Yvonne Earnshaw, Nike and University of Memphis (US), Amy Lomellini, Molloy College (US), Jennifer Maddrell, Designers for Learning (US), Esther Michela, Bringham Young University (US)

Time and Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019, 7:00 pm (SAST)

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Presented and organised by our friends and partners in AECT (Design & Development Division) please join us for this important talk on designing with universal access in mind.

Description (by the webinar organisers):

As identified in a 2019 EDUCAUSE survey, accessibility and universal design for learning (UDL) ranked in the top 5 issues and opportunities for educators. However, Rieber and Estes (2017) noted a dearth of coverage related to people with disabilities in their review of all articles published in Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR&D) through 2013. While a growing body of research associated with universal design educational models to support accessibility has developed outside of the educational technology field, reviews of research suggest it’s in a nascent stage with few empirically-based articles to support the effectiveness of theorized practices and frameworks to support learning outcomes resulting in a lack of consensus regarding the application of principles (Edyburn, 2010; Rao, Ok & Bryant, 2014; Roberts, Park, Brown & Cook, 2011).Given this gap, Rieber and Estes (2017, p. 16) argue, “Time has come to bring the best ideas from the instructional technology field to the design challenge of meeting all levels of accessibility.” This webinar is a response to this call. Join us as we consider ways both researchers and designers can make an impact to address this opportunity. We’ll explore the topic of Designing for All through the lens of universal design for learning and share resources to support more effective design practices.

To join this webinar please go to AECT’s Webex Conference room

Facilitating Online Course in 2019

facilitating online

Our third run of the course for 2019 starts on 30 September – if you want to join us in September we accept applications until 16 September.  We are offering Facilitating Online three times in 2019.


About the course

Facilitating Online provides a solid foundation for facilitating online events and courses. It is registered as a short course at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Facilitating Online was developed by the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at UCT and is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as part of its support for the e/merge Africa network. It is convened by Tony Carr and Nicola Pallitt and co-facilitated by facilitators from across Africa.

We consider applications in the order in which they arrive so earlier applications stand a higher chance of being accepted

Recommendations by participants

“I learned many facilitation skills that I am now able to apply with my own students. I would recommend the course highly to anyone embarking on the online teaching and learning journey.”
Dr Judith McKenzie, Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Cape Town.

“This course doesn’t just teach you ABOUT online Facilitation, it actually gets you to facilitate … It’s a real opportunity to learn and develop. And what’s more? It has an African taste…”
Daniel Adeboye, Online Maths Tutor, Tutor for the Future

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27 September 2019: Arabic event: 3D printing

Presenter: Dr. Mohamed Shawky Abdel-Fatah Shaltout, Associate Professor of Education Technology, Consultant of e-learning and Visual Arts, Saudi Arabia

Time and Date: Arabic language webinar 27 September 2019 4 pm (SAST)  

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For more information and to sign for this and other Arabic language events please see the e/merge Africa Arabic site

Dr. Mohamed Shawky Abdel-Fatah Shaltout, Associate Professor of Education Technology, Consultant of e-learning and Visual Arts, Saudi Arabia