22 February 2021: Looking back and looking forward together!

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Facilitators: The e/merge Africa Team Tony Carr, Alice Barlow-Zambodla, Nicola Pallitt, Jakob Pedersen, Catherine Fortune and Irene Maweu – See our bios here

Target group: e/merge Africa Community  – Blended learning, eLearning, Higher education (English and Arabic)
Date: Monday, 22 February 2021; 2:00pm SAST

Description of why the workshop: 

2020 was a difficult year for higher education in Africa. We learnt a lot – perhaps including some things we would rather not have learnt. Amid the frustrations, shocks and tragedies there were also discoveries and some victories. We carry this year inside us but how do we use the lessons learnt as a springboard together to think, strategise, plan and act more powerfully this year and beyond. This is what the workshop is about. The facilitators will use processes designed to unleash the deep knowledge, creativity and brilliance of everyone there so participants can leave the workshop with energy, optimism, approaches and professional community to feed the wonderful and demanding work that we do. Bring your insights, questions, dreams, speculations and strategies (even the half formed ones).

Language: Please note workshop language is English  

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