About the team

Mohamed A. Ahmed
Senior Instructional Designer & Lecturer, Education Technology Department, Faculty of Education, Mansoura University, Egypt

I have been working in the E-Learning Center at Mansoura University since 2007 as senior instructional designer and team leader for the Instructional Design team. My research interests include e-learning quality assurance, Learning Management Systems and instructional design for online courses. I graduated from Al-Azhar University’s Education Technology Department in 2005. I obtained diplomas in both Education Technology and Computer Science and have been involved in e-learning for over 10 years. I coordinate E-Learning Magazine, the first E-Learning Magazine in Middle East. Contact: [email protected]
Dr Jerome Terpase Dooga
English Lecturer, Department of English, Faculty of Arts, University of Jos, Nigeria
I am the e/merge Africa Regional Coordinator for West Africa and Commonwealth of Learning (COL) eLearning consultant to the School of Education at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). I train fellow academics in Jos in the eLearning Fellowship programme to use technology for teaching and research. I hold a PhD in English and received postgraduate training in Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town. I have presented research papers at various fora in a range of African countries including eLearning Africa in Dakar (2009), Lusaka (2010), Windhoek (2013), Kampala (2014) and Addis Ababa (2015), the ICEL conference, Cape Town (2013), Emerging Technologies, Cape Town (2015). I have published widely in the field and am co-author and editor of a new book on technology in African Higher Ed I have won scores of national and international awards for e-learning. Contact: [email protected]
Gabriel Konayuma
Senior Vocational Education and Training Officer, Ministry of Higher Education, Zambia
I hold a BA in Education from the University of Zambia (1992), an MBA from the Management College of Southern Africa learning (2007) and a Masters degree in Educational Technology from the University of Cape Town. My dissertation was on challenges and enablers of e-learning policy implementation in vocational training in Zambia. I have taught Mathematics and Computer Studies to secondary school students and Computer Science, Mathematics and Management Information Systems at the Copperbelt University. I have worked as a Curriculum Developer at the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority. I currently serve as a Senior Vocational Education and Training Officer in the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia. My key responsibilities are entrepreneurship development promotion and promotion of open and distance learning. I have presented papers at various international conferences. Contact: [email protected]
Tony Carr
Convener of e/merge Africa and educational technologist in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT), University of Cape Town
I have lived in Durban, London and Cape Town. After an earlier career as a Business and Economics educator a fascination with online interaction led to my work since 2000 as an educational technologist. My operational and research interests include online collaboration, communities of practice in staff development, online facilitation and online professional networks. In 2014 I received a Dewey Winburne Community Service Award. I have co-authored the OER Facilitating Online Guide for Course Leaders. I developed the Facilitating Online course in year which I also convene. Contact: [email protected]
Dr Alice Barlow-Zambodla
e/Merge Africa Network Regional Coordinator for Southern and East Africa
I have a multi-disciplinary background in Agriculture, Botany and ICTs for education resulting in lecturing and research experience totalling more than 25 years at the Universities of Transkei and Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa. My more recent experiences involve working as a Programme Specialist for 7.5 years at SAIDE, an educational research and development NGO. This work involved working with various tertiary institutions on the continent focussing mainly on open and distance learning programmes,  the development and use of open education resources, ICTs for Education and development, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of educational interventions. In my capacity as a Vodacom Change the World volunteer 2014-2016  I have been working with the Buffelshoek Trust  to set up and capacitate 11 ICT Centres situated at 9 rural schools in Bushbuckridge Municipality, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Contact: [email protected]
Jakob Pedersen
Project Manager for e/merge Africa, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT), University of Cape Town
I am based at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I graduated with an MA in Information Studies in 2006 from the University of Aarhus, Denmark before relocating to South Africa. My research interests include e-learning, MOOCs and online courses, Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Science, Society and Technology Studies (STS). Outside of my project management duties I provide research assistance to educational technology research projects at other tertiary institutions. I have been involved with educational technology in various ways for the past ten years. Contact: [email protected]
Dr. Nicola Pallitt
Academic Staff Development Practitioner: Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Specialist, CHERTL, Rhodes University
I coordinate the efforts of the Educational Technology Unit at Rhodes and offer professional development opportunities for academics to use technologies effectively in their roles as educators and researchers. I provide learning design support and consultation in relation to teaching with technology (technology integration) and blended and online teaching and learning. I support lecturers to design appropriate technology mediated learning experiences for their students. I supervise postgraduate students and co-teach on formal courses in Higher Education. I co-convene the e/merge Africa Facilitating Online course. I received my PhD in Media Studies (2013) and Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Studies (2014) from the University of Cape Town. I hope to engage fellow researcher-practitioners in research that takes critical, contextual and pedagogically informed approaches to educational technology. I am an avid sketchnoter, networked scholar and lifelong learner. Contact: [email protected]
Irene Maweu
By training, exchange and partnerships with institutions of higher learning, development partners, private and public sector and Non-Governmental Organizations, I have experience in various fields, with many years in human capacity development especially in e-learning. I have been involved in content development, design and delivery of various courses and trainings. I also have experience and passion for health related, cross cutting, strategic as well as policy issues. I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators, eLearning in Development implementation (ELDI), Guidelines International Network (GIN) and e/merge Africa team among others. I love travelling, networking and changing lives.. Contact: [email protected] twitter:@wavinya66
Gerrit Wissing
I’m an Instructional Designer (mmm… both words are control words…) at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa.   At work, I’m responsible for developing learning environments for online facilitation, both for formal and short learning programmes.  As a facilitator I’m all pragmatist, so right now I’m trying to figure out what self-directed learning theory looks like in real life – both f-2-f and online.  Research-wise, I’m working on using hypermedia glossing to support vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension – without language, there can be no learning. Contact: [email protected] and find me on Twitter @yokufunda
Derek Asoh
I am a Fulbright Scholar, IT Consultant, and Certified Facilitator with a passion for eLearning and IT-enabled programs and operations. I am highly motivated to support planning, design, development, implementation, and delivery of knowledge impacting solutions for distinctive learner, instructor, staff, management, and organizational’ performance. I teach at The ICT University and National Advanced School of Engineering, Yaounde, Cameroon. Contact: [email protected] and I am on Twitter @favorderek
Catherine Fortune
I am currently stationed in Kigali, Rwanda, where I am the Education Manager for A Partner In Education, an INGO based in the UK but working in Rwanda. Prior to this, I worked as a Senior Content Architect, working at UCT in Systems Division of the IT Department. I have also taught in a school for 11 years and then freelanced as an e-learning curriculum developer for almost 15 years. I am a great fan of online learning and all the wonderful potential that it holds in the realm of networking and learning. I am also a trained musician and play the piano, flute, vibraphone, various percussion instruments and was a timpanist in the orchestra. Other of my diverse and eclectic interests include photography and spoon collecting! I enjoy making new connections and networking with others…..I also have a bit of a crazy sense of humour 🙂 Contact: [email protected] and find me on Twitter @cathfortune
Nompilo Tshuma
My work in the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) at Rhodes University includes academic staff development, research, contributing to formal qualifications and management of educational technology resources. I am passionate about challenging academics to be critically reflective about their use of educational technology – particularly in light of the calls for transformation of higher education in South Africa. Contact: [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @nompilotshuma
Esther Gacicio
I work at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development as a curriculum and e-learning expert. I am also an instructional designer and have been involved in development of various online programs. I am also an online facilitator in a number of programs and a trainer in various fields. My passion is in offering comprehensive e-learning solutions in education and training. I am on twitter @EstherGacicio
Khanyisile Ngodwana
I work as a Writing Centre Coordinator at Walter Sisulu University,  South Africa. I also work part-time as an online tutor for UNISA.  My training is in ESL teaching.  Before moving to the Academic Development Unit, I worked in the English Department at UNITRA and then at University of Fort Hare.  It was at UFH that I developed an interest in using ICT for teaching and learning. I then enrolled for MPhil (ICTs) with UCT, and graduated in 2014.  I am currently writing my PhD proposal.  My research  interest is on how Writing Centres can leverage ICTs to extend their reach to students and academic staff.
Contact: [email protected] and follow me on Twitter at kngodwana
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