EdTech in Higher Education in Zambia: Challenges & Opportunities

Session format: Event series throughout the year

Date and Time: Please note: This event has been postponed to Wednesday 8 April 2020 – 3 pm (SAST)

Presenter: Dr. Alice Shemi, Head of Academic Affairs, Mukuba University, Zambia


This webinar is the first in a in the EdTech in HE series, where presenters will give concrete examples of uses of educational technologies in higher education and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training). Dr. Alice Shermi of Mukuba University, Zambia will be looking at the challenges and opportunities brought about by the EdTech in Higher Education in the Zambian context

Dr Alice P Shemi is a senior academic and researcher, digital marketer and mentor and administrator majoring in the field of Information Systems (IS). She earned her PhD from University of Salford (UK), MBA-IS from University of Hull (UK), and BSc Mathematics Computing from University of Zambia. Her main research is in areas such as e-commerce, e-learning, small business computing and IT management, software engineering, outsourcing, ERP systems, business strategy, and e-government. She has taught in Universities in Zambia, Swaziland and Botswana for over 28 years. She has expertise in ICT systems and database design, and implementation, strategic Information systems planning and implementation. She has published over 46 scholarly articles that include Books, book chapters, journal articles, conference articles. Alice believes that knowledge and skills that’s acquired must be shared to others for our freedom to be really meaningful and long lasting. Currently, Dr Shemi is working at Mukuba University in Zambia as Head of Academic Affairs.

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