26 November 2021: Future of University teaching post COVID-19 Era (Arabic)

Session format: Webinar 

Date and Time:  Friday 26 November 2021, 4:00pm SAST/Cairo Time 

Presenter:  Prof.Dr. Atef Abuhmaid Alshorman, Associate Prof. Edu. technology and e-learning Educational Technology, Hashemite University

Event Description:

In light of the fluctuations and disruptions the world is witnessing, blended learning can be considered as the most appropriate mode of teaching. This workshop comes to shed light on blended learning in order to maintain effective university education, regardless of changes and disruptions. This workshop covers the following topics:

 – Blended learning concepts

 – Blended learning in times of crisis and upheaval

 – Flexibility of blended university education

 – Blended Learning 2.0

For more information and to join please go to e/merge Africa Arabic

Presenter Bio

Prof.Dr. Atef Abuhmaid Alshorman is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and e-learning at Hashemite University, Jordan

Language:Please note seminar language is Arabic  

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