19 November 2020: Digital Citizenship and Scientific Research Technology (Arabic language event)

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Presenter:  Hania Abdulrazzaq Fatani, PhD Researcher in Educational Technology, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia and Dr. Halimah Yousef Almuntashri, Educational supervisor in education, Jeddah University, Saudi Arabia

Description:  The core discussion in this webinar will be:

  • Digital Citizen., digital citizenship and digital citizenship values.
  • How to be a digital citizen for scientific research.
  • The sources that graduate students rely on for scientific research.
  • Databases that support higher education students in the quality of their research.
  • Technological applications in scientific research to facilitate the work of the graduate student in his research career.
  • The most important updates according to the APA7 version to document research references.

Presenter Bio:  Hania Abdulrazzaq Fatani, PhD Researcher in Educational Technol-ogy  King Abdulaziz University and Dr. Halimah Yousef Almuntashri,  Educational supervisor in the education, Jeddah

Language: Please note seminar language is Arabic

This event has ended – recording will soon be available on the e/merge Africa YouTube channel

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