25 October 2021: New Tools and Environments Tour 1 – Voice Chat Environments


Dr Tutaleni Asino Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University

Tony Carr from the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at University of Cape Town and e/merge Africa.

Date and Time: Monday, 25 October: 15:00 – 16:30 SAST

Session format: Online Tour

Description of the session:  

As part of an emerging reassertion of the need for conversational events online we see the growing use of new voice chat environments like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Strangely enough the lack of some of the functionality which is standard to e.g. Zoom and Teams can make for better conversations. You are invited to a dual conversation which extends across both environments including telling some of our stories about our careers and talking about the experience of being in these environments.

Tony will be joined by Dr Tutaleni Asino from Oklahoma State University who founded the amazing Namibia House Club in Clubhouse. If you sign up for this tour please ensure that you are a member of Clubhouse and Twitter before the event. For Clubhouse you will need to download and install the mobile app which is available for Android and Apple iPhones. Please register here:

I am going to join via

Our Presenters’ Bios

Tony Carr is an Educational Technologist in the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at University of Cape Town and convenor of e/merge Africa. 

Tutaleni Asino is Associate Professor in  Learning, Design, and Technology and Director of the Emerging Technologies and Creativity Research Lab at Oklahoma State University and the founder of the Namibia House club in Clubhouse

Please note: Session language will be English

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