19 November 2021: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education

Session format: Webinar 

Date and Time:  Friday 19 November 2021, 4:00pm SAST/Cairo Time 

Presenter:  Eng. Nelly Hamed Hadima, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Event Description:

In this session the presenter will introduce Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality with their potential uses in an educational context. During this session the presenter will show the difference between the types of virtual realities and the educational models associated with each. Furthermore the session will introduce and give examples of useful tools that can be employed in an either Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality setting when used for teaching and learning.

For more information and to take part in this event please see e/merge Africa Arabic

Presenter Bio

Eng. Nelly Hamed Hadima is a Microsoft certified trainer, Minecraft education edition mentor science 2018 and Ambassador to  CoSpaces. She is alos Ambassador to Merge cube, Associate to ImmersiveMinds UK. She has won the 1st place twice in Microsoft global event E2 which took place in Washington Seattle and Toronto Canada

Language: Please note seminar language is Arabic  

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