Next event: Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching

Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching, led by Dr. Janet Salmons runs from 21 July to 25 July. In addition to an asynchronous discussion forum, Dr. Salmons will offer two online meetings which will be recorded. Please notice on request of the presenter the online live meetings have been postponed until further notice. But please, do come to the seminar’s landing page here to explore resources and take in the discussion!

Increasingly, we communicate online and use social media platforms for personal and family, social and cultural, business and educational purposes. Interviewers can use these technologies to interact with participants anywhere. Online interviews can be used to collect data for qualitative studies, but their use is not limited to empirical research. E-interviews are also valuable as collaborative e-learning exercises that bring real-world expertise into the classroom and develop digital literacy.

Even though we may feel comfortable communicating online, doing interviews requires another level of thinking and planning, questioning and listening. How do we learn such skills?

This seminar will focus on two related areas: designing research studies based on data collected through online interviews and teaching students how to plan and conduct interviews online. We will consider ways to use free, cheap, available communications technologies. Resources and sample exercises will be offered that you can adapt for your own classes.

We are very pleased to host this seminar and encourage all who are currently involved in research or just interested in learning new skills to sign up here. (free of charge)

Developing World MOOCs Workshop – Final live meeting Friday 27 June

Dear Colleagues,

After nearly two weeks of interesting and enlightening discussions, our current event Developing World MOOCs – Workshop on MOOCs in Africa has ended with a great online live meeting that happened Friday 27 June at 1 pm (SAST/GMT +2). If you missed out on this great session the recording will be made available later.

The recording from the first live meeting 18 June is available here  and resources will remain available on the workshop landing page.

A bit about Friday’s session from workshop conveners Andrew Deacon, Sukaina Walji and Janet Small, University of Cape Town

MOOCs have generated tremendous interest and sometimes misunderstandings. What we found useful in order to understand the opportunities MOOCs offer is to consider the way MOOCs are developed and used from different points of view. In this final session we look the ideas and questions asked about MOOCs in the forums from three specific perspectives, namely the from the points of view of:

Participant (why would you take a MOOC?);
An educator (why use MOOCs & how MOOCs can be used?)
An institutional researcher (what can MOOCs teach us?).

Please join us for this final session on Friday to share your ideas and questions.


Developing World MOOCs continues

This exciting online workshop led by Andrew Deacon, Sukaina Walji and Janet Small from the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at University of Cape Town , South Africa continues until 27 June. 

If you’re just joining us then you can view the recording of the live online meeting held on 18 June and access “Developing world MOOCs: a curriculum view of the MOOC landscape ” by the workshop conveners and Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz on the strategic options available to universities. Participation in the forums requires registration to the e/merge Africa website, which can be done for free here.

The workshop will finish with a follow-up online meeting on Friday 27 June from 1-2 pm (SAST/GMT +2) that will tackle issues that have emerged. Participants will be encouraged to consider and articulate the opportunities and concerns for their own institutions presented by MOOCs. Updates about the workshop will be available here, in the e/merge Africa Facebook group and by e-mail to signed up participants.