AECT Membership

AECT Membership

e/merge Africa became affiliated with the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) on 21 October 2016. This new affiliation will enable the e/merge Africa network and its members to take unleashing the power of networks to a whole new level! e/merge Africa affiliation with AECT does not impact on your free e/merge Africa membership.   

About the AECT

The AECT started as an organisation in 1923, making it the oldest professional home for the educational technology field. The AECT seeks to be the leading international organisation in educational technology and promotes scholarship, best practices, and leadership in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning. The AECT have a robust and diverse range of national and international affiliates.

How the affiliation came about

Dr Tutaleni Asino first raised the possibility of an association between e/merge Africa and AECT over two years ago. In 2016 Dr Tutaleni Asino and Dr Tonia Dousay assisted in brokering the relationship between e/merge Africa and  AECT to improve the visibility of African researchers and practitioners in AECT.

Benefits for e/merge Africa-AECT members

From 2017 e/merge Africa members will have the opportunity to become AECT members. Member benefits includes the following:

    • Access to AECT online journals, books and other resources
    • Full voting rights in AECT elections
  • The opportunity to pay the international rate for registration at the AECT annual international conference

Having access to this international network will also enable African researchers to collaborate on research. African diaspora colleagues in the field have noted getting in touch with colleagues from their home country and collaborating. Thus, networking, mutual reciprocity and collaboration are key values.

How do I become a member of AECT?

e/merge Africa members can join the AECT with the affiliate agreement for a discounted price of $30 and $15 for students.

    • Affiliate Member Plan Access Code: emerAfr.20
    • After a successful login, e/merge Africa will be acknowledged on the page, a ‘Join Now’ link is displayed, and a list of member benefits.
    • Clicking on the ‘Join Now’ link will take you to a page listing the Faculty and Student options as well as the corresponding rates.
    • Choosing one of these two options will take you to the form to create an AECT / e/merge Africa affiliate membership.
    • Once a successful credit card transaction is completed, the membership is automatically created.
  • As a new member, your newly created membership number will display on the screen. A welcome letter will be sent to your email address as well as an email confirmation of the credit card transaction.

Information for memberships paid by institutions

While all members have personal accounts, institutional payment to cover multiple members within that institution can be arranged.

AECT can receive cheques, money orders, and wire transfers from universities or institutions to cover payment. They will then enter the membership manually from the office and then send welcome letters to each member. It should be noted that wire transfers do have a fee associated with the transaction  but is sometimes the best option for developing countries. To wire transfer for one membership will cost more than the membership fee so payment of multiple memberships is economically more efficient.

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