7-11 Nov: Academic Workload Planning for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Universities

Dr Juliet Inegbedion, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

Format: There will be one 1 hour online session on Monday 7 November at 1:00 pm (SAST) and asynchronous discussion from 7-11 November.

Dr Juliet Obhajajie InegbedionAcross Africa conventional universities can only provide places for a tiny fraction of students who meet all the entrance requirements so open and distance learning widens access to university education. The Nigerian Federal Government established the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in 2002 to provide access to those who seek quality education at the university level through flexible learning.

The quality of the programmes and courses depends on the academics who plan the programmes, develop the curriculum, manage courses & programmes and carry out administrative duties. It is observed that the academics often complain of work overload. It also appears there is a mix-up in integrating the mode of planning workload in the conventional universities into the open and distance education universities. This may be attributed to inadequate spread in the duties assigned, which if not checked could affect the quality of teaching and learning. This study seeks to examine NOUN policy on the workload framework, workload planning and the implications for teaching and learning. The outcome of this study will not only be beneficial to NOUN but every other open and distance education institution which faces similar challenges.

Dr Juliet Obhajajie Inegbedion is a specialist in educational planning with special interest in economics of education, e-learning, open and distance education and instructional design.  She has served as resource person at both national and international levels in these areas, and always willing to impart knowledge.  She is currently a Senior Lecturer in National Open University of Nigeria in the Faculty of Education
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7 thoughts on “7-11 Nov: Academic Workload Planning for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Universities

  1. Thank you Dr Juliet Inegbedion for setting up this presentation. At the eCampus of Maseno University, we are exploring the best model to have high enrollment courses done online through the eLearning portal.
    This presentation will be beneficial in ensuring the proposal takes into consideration workload related issues with regard to the lecturers involved in developing and facilitating the high enrollment courses.

  2. No comment for now because the taste of the ‘pudding’ is in the eating

  3. I look forward to this presentation. I have not really understood the model of NOUN and I hope to ask some questions during the presentation

  4. Please where is this online meeting (one 1 hour online session on Monday 7 November at 1:00 pm) taking place?
    It is very important that we know the venue before monday.

  5. I have been thinking of this as a potential solution to some of our learning problems.
    I look forward to this

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