17 July 2020: Arabic event: Moodle-based Blended Learning Construction

Presenter: Dr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh, Researcher and specialist in educational design technology, Al-Quds Open University.

Date and Time: Friday 17 July 2020, 4:00pm SAST/Cairo Time

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Description: Due to Corvid -19, the blended learning has become critical of teaching reform in universities and school, where the learning style will be changed from face-face classroom learning to combination of classroom and online learning.  Combining the Moodle Platform’s function of blended learning module will help the teacher to have a better teaching effect. This webinar covers the different sections of planning and design the blended learning course using functions and modules provided by Moodle. Such as developing the learning objectives and activities, quizzes and assignments, forums and using live chat and much more. 

Language:Please note seminar language is Arabic  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahmoud.hawamdeh

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22 July 2020: e-Learning in Higher Education -Tools and Best Practices (English)

Presenter: Eng. Nisreen Mousa, Online Courses Manager at Edraak

Date and Time: Wednesday 22 July 2020, 4:00pm SAST/Cairo Time

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Description: In this Webinar, the presenter will discuss: 

  • The current imperative need for e-learning in higher education
  • The advantages and challenges of e-learning in higher education
  • Has the e-learning experience succeeded?
  • Creating online courses and digital educational material
  • Choosing the right online tools for delivery, communication, and evaluation
  • Suggestions for developing the e-learning experience

Bio: Nisreen Rawashdeh, a computer engineer, and an educational technology expert. Graduated in 2007, and holds a higher diploma from Edinburgh Business School. With 13 years of experience in Technology and Education. Worked as a programmer for five years and then moved to e-learning. Currently working as an e-course manager and university program coordinator at Edraak

Language:Please note seminar language is English 

Twitter: @edraak

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This event has ended – For the recording please see the e/merge Africa YouTube channel

14 August: Arabic Event: Improving Learning Using Educational Games and Gamification

Presenter: Dr. Ahmed Tlili,  Co-Director of OER Lab at SLIBNU, China and Associated Editor of the IEEE Bulletin of TCLT

Date and Time: Friday 14 July 2020, 4:00pm SAST/Cairo Time (new time!)

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This webinar aims to: 

PERFECT 1) present the importance of using educational games and gamification systems to enhance learning outcomes, including motivation, behaviors and engagement of learners; 

2) explore how incorporating learning analytics in educational games can provide smart learning that could be adapted to everyone’s needs;

3) develop a small educational game using the game engine “Construct2”.


Language:Please note seminar language is Arabic  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tlili.ahmed.142

Thank you all who joined this event – we are working on making the recording available on the e/merge Africa YouTube channel