e/merge 2018 Startup Pitch

e/merge Africa in partnership with Injini the EdTech startup incubator for Africa invites you apply for an online startup pitch on Friday 20 July from 11.00 – 12.00 SA time (GMT+2). There will be a prize of $200 for the winner and $50 for the runner up. The two top startups will also each receive a 1 hour advice session from Injini.

Do you have an innovative, evidence-driven idea that can solve some of Africa’s school and university education challenges using digital technology?

Ideas could include e-learning in African education, bridging the knowledge gap between high school & university to improve student retention, promoting student success in university, personalised learning, Incorporating new skills into traditional higher education programmes, teacher training, making African research more accessible, tangible & relevant to the world, inclusiveness in schools or higher education, collaboration between African higher education & the rest of world or between students, employability of graduates, innovative ways to make ICT accessible & affordable in education, making secondary of higher education assessment faster & more transparent, increasing the representation of previously disadvantaged groups working in higher education. Your idea may also address another important challenge.

How to apply

Complete the form below. On completion you will receive advice for your 1 minute Whatsapp video pitch which will need to be sent by 6 July. Five successful applications will then be invited to participate in the pitch competition.

The sign up for this event is now closed. However, if you are an entrepreneur with a start up focusing on educational technologies (preferably, but not exclusively, within the tertiary sector), please do contact us to share your work with our network!    

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