5 October 2022: Course Design – Online Teaching for Educators at the University of Eswatini

Session Description:  

The COTE (Certificate in Online Teaching for Educators) is a short, fully online course recently designed and offered at the University of Eswatini. It seeks to empower educators with skills and knowledge on the design and development of online programes, courses and lessons. It examines the creation of digital learning materials, online facilitation and authentic online assessment. In this session, we will discuss its creation, design and implementation process, the wins and gains, as well as the challenges and solutions identified throughout this process.  

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Session Lead:  

Prof. Karen Ferreira-Meyers: is the Coordinator Modern Languages/Linguistics of the Institute of Distance Education at the University of Eswatini.  She obtained various qualifications: MA Romance Philology (French-Spanish), Honours Portuguese, Post-Graduate Diploma Translation (French-English-French), MA Linguistics, LLM Degree (Legal aspects of new technologies), PhD in French (feminine Francophone autofiction). She has published a monograph on Francophone autofiction, several articles (autofictional feminine writing, crime fiction, 20th and 21st Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone African authors, distance and e-learning), participates regularly in international conferences and is a keen translator and interpreter.

Facebook page:     https://www.facebook.com/karen.ferreirameyers
Twitter:     @FerreiraMeyers

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