28 Feb: Interrogating our educational technology practices through critical reflection

Presenter: Nompilo Tshuma, Lecturer in the Centre for Higher Education Research,Teaching and Learning at Rhodes University

Time and Date: Thursday 28 February 2019 1pm SAST

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What impact does your use of educational technology have on your students and on your teaching? Is it enabling or hindering learning?

In order to be critically reflective about our educational technology practices, we need to move beyond the technology itself, and be aware of the context within which it is integrated. This presentation is divided into two parts: We will start our journey by exploring and reflecting on the challenges of educational technology integration in African higher education contexts. Considering the potential of educational technology to transform higher education practices and reach a wider audience, there is a need to be aware of the oppressive politics inherent in using Western-developed technologies in the African context. In the second part of the presentation, we will conceptualise, then apply, a critically reflective approach that has the potential to contribute to an emancipatory, socially just and more ethical approach to integrating educational technology in African higher education. Brookfield’s lenses for critical reflection are used to explore how critical reflection can be applied to interrogate our educational technology practices.


Brookfield’s lenses

This seminar has now ended please view the webinar recording

Nompilo Tshuma has been working with educational technology since 2005 in both student and staff development. She currently manages a range of educational technology resources, including both teaching and research related. Her academic staff development role involves supporting lecturers as they integrate technology into teaching and learning through workshops, presentations, contributing to formal qualifications and individual support. She is also a researcher in educational technology and academic staff development, and is passionate about challenging academics to be critically reflective about their use of educational technology particularly in light of the calls for transformation of higher education in South Africa. Nompilo completed her PhD in Information Systems at Rhodes (focusing on Educational Technology) in 2018.

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