27 October 2020: Educational Alchemy (Arabic)

Session format: Webinar

Date and Time:   Tuesday 27 October 2020, 3:00pm SAST/Cairo Time 

Presenter: Eng. Mohamed Reda,  learning architect and founder of The Catalyst, an instructional design consultancy based in Egypt

Description:  Gamification is no longer a buzzword. And definitely far from child’s play, learning professionals & educators should not underestimate the benefits of gamification in training and education. Infusing gameplay and leveraging competitiveness not only makes your corporate training more dynamic it can also significantly increase learner engagement too towards learning goals and overall learning progress by learners. 

In this 2 hour session, we will examine some foundational concepts on gamification of education and the “alchemist” framework in applying educational gamification. 

The alchemist framework is a thought process and a starting ground for learning designers to have a solid structure towards building a gamified learning system. 

By the end of is session, learners will be able to: 

– Recall on learner cognition & goals

– Define the difference between games & gamification 

– Describe the MDA framework 

– List the 5 main alchemist pillars of design 

– Interpret the alchemy process for gamification of learning

Presenter Bio: Mohamed Reda is a learning architect dedicated to the notion of designing learning experiences. He holds a BSC degree in Human Resources Management and minor in Economics from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences , a master’s degree in International Development from the American University in Cairo. CIPD-HR associate, and a HRCI certified Instructional Designer. Mohamed is currently acquiring his CPTD & a degree in business psychology aiming to blend L&D, gamification and performance management in a tight cohesive mold.

Mohamed is the founder of The Catalyst, an instructional design consultancy focused on the sole purpose of creating impeccable learning experience.

Language: Please note seminar language is Arabic  

For more information and to sign up please see e/merge Africa Arabic

This event has ended – we thank all who took part in this session – for the upcoming recording please refer to the e/merge Africa YouTube channel

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