4 September: Arabic event: Guidelines for Building Procedural Plans to Enhance Utilization of e-Learning in Higher Education Institutions

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Presenter:  Dr. Abouelfadl Abdou Youssef 

Date and Time: 4 September 2020 4 pm (SAST/Cairo)

Session format: 2 hour Webinar 

Description: Guidelines for building procedural plans to enhance utilization of eLearning in higher education institutions

Elements of the workshop:

  • Taking into consideration the rapid growth of E-learning technology before generalizing E-learning in higher education institutions.
  • Adopting the effectiveness of E-learning and its impact on education instead of focusing on the E-learning tools themselves.
  • Improving learning processes using E-learning types.
  • Improving teaching / learning experiences for learners.
  • Development of human resources capabilities (faculty members – administrators).
  • Applying distinguished practices.(Best Practices).
  • Easy access to content.
  • Variety of activities suitable for educational content.
  • Flexibility of evaluation processes.
  • Building a mutual exchange network between symmetrical institutions that utilizing eLearning.

Presenter Bio:  Dr-Abouelfadl Abdou Youssef 

International Trainer /Senior Expert _TVET Quality Assurance /Monitoring and Evaluation/Capacity Building  EU / GIZ/  USAID

To sign up for this event please refer to the e/merge Africa Arabic website 

Language:Please note seminar language is Arabic  



This event has ended – please for refer to the e/merge Africa YouTube channel for a forth coming recording

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