10 Essential Ingredients for an Effective eMentoring Design Plan

Monday 16 May – Friday 20 May 2016 

Join us from 16 May to 20 May 2016 when Dr. Penina Lam is hosting “10 Essential Ingredients for an Effective eMentoring Design Plan”. View Monday’s webinar here, then proceed to our seminar landing page here to view more resources and take part in the conversation in the discussion forum.

Objectives: By the end of this Webinar, the participants will be able to:
• Evaluate the benefits associated with virtual mentoring and fit for their audience(s)
• Describe the 10 essential ingredients for designing an effective eMentoring plan
• Choose to engage in facilitated sessions following the Webinar and apply lessons learned
Abstract. Virtual mentoring (eMentoring) offers an unprecedented pathway to accessing a rich pool of global talent and expertise who can enrich in-class and out-of-class learning experiences. It holds great promise for mentors and mentees; for individuals, schools and workplaces. eMentoring applications presents opportunities for mentoring pairs or teams who can now meet and communicate from virtually anywhere around the globe! eMentoring can introduce a valuable blend to the educator’s took kit enabling the engagement of diverse learning stakeholders and utilizing readily available technologies.

Mentoring is useful as a learning approach for all ages and levels of experience that has been shown to have tremendous benefits for those who engage. Mentoring helps develop confidence, key competencies, and networking resources particularly vital for today’s competitive workplace. Virtual mentoring is not just about the technology that is used but about the people relationships and strategy to develop a sound initiative.

The participants will evaluate the promise of these mobile- and Web-based applications and how mentorship can be designed for maximum impact. This Webinar will focus on these foundations of eMentoring to provide educators with ideas on design principles, tools, and tips for implementation.

The Webinar session will be interactive, featuring live polls and chats with the featured speaker. Following the live session, the participants will engage with a facilitator for deeper reflection activities.

Dr. Penina Lam is the CEO of eLearning Innovators, Inc. She is also the Online Instructional Design Consultant for the World Bank’s Gateway Academy.
She co-directs the annual eLearning Innovations Conference & Expo (ELICE), reaching thousands of educators, leaders, and innovators.
She’s passionate about learning and organizational development. As a learning solutions consultant and coach, she works internationally to support organizations with accessible, efficient, and quality multi-media learning options. She is an early adopter of eLearning and since 2001, she’s been involved in the design, facilitation, and evaluation of dozens of online and blended courses.
Penina holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development (OD) from the University of Louisville (USA); a master’s in higher education; and a bachelor’s degree from Kenyatta University (B.Ed. Hon).  She served in senior leadership roles in higher education and corporate sectors. She has served as faculty at the University of Arkansas (USA); Queen’s University (Canada) and the Kenya Utalii College.
Penina is a member of Rotary International. She serves on several non-profit Boards. She authored Virtual Mentoring (2015) and co-authored The Management of Adult Education Organizations in Africa (2011), published by the UNESCO Institute of Education & Pearson.