In search of a sustainable model to facilitate access and use of ICT in rural Mpumalanga schools, South Africa

2 – 6 November 2015
A one week Peer-Assist on facilitation models for for access and usage of digital technologies in deep-rural educational settings With Dr. Alice Barlow-Zambodla
As we have seen in previous events for e/merge Africa eLearning and the use of digital hardware has become widespread in most African higher educational institutions. Although many challenges are faced in terms of pedagogy, organisational and to a lesser extend technically many university campuses are often located in areas where infrastructure provides access, both physically and technically.
In this seminar we will consider access and usage models in a deep rural district in South Africa. Our coordinator for East and Southern Africa Dr. Alice Barlow-Zambodla is currently offering her services as a volunteer for the Buffelhoek Trust as a part of a CSI programme of major cell phone service provider. In a rural district covering more than 50 km2 Alice advises on digital usage and access at 3 high schools and 6 primary schools located in Bushbuckridge in the rural province of Mpumalanga, South Africa.
During this week Alice will share her experiences and challenges encountered as well as opening up for a much broader conversation on how to facilitate access and use of digital technologies in this context.

During this week we will deviate slightly from our usual format and ask directly for your input and present this as a peer-assist like format, where Alice will present her case and invite for your direct input. We have planned to have host two online-live sessions – On Monday 2 November at 1 pm (GMT+2/CAT) Alice will present her case then receive questions for further clarifications of her case. During the week we will continue the conversation in our site discussion forum and on Wednesday 4 November at 1 pm (GMT+2/CAT) Alice will host another online live session where you can act as a peer to share your thoughts in conversation with Alice. Please get involved and assist Alice! Please join by using the form below.

Dr. Alice Barlow-Zambodla has a multi-disciplinary background in agriculture (crop science), plant physiology and ICTs in Education. She is also Regional Coordinator for e/merge Africa for Southern and Eastern Africa. Previously she worked as a Programme Specialist for the South African Institute for Distance Education (Saide) where she worked in the field of Research and Development in Education with a special focus on the design, development and implementation of distance learning programmes for rural communities; other specialites also include the use of ICTs in Education, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of educational interventions.

Please notice that this even has ended – resources will remain available on the seminar landing page