Peer Assist – Staff use and uptake of an LMS in a Higher Educational institution

6 March 2015 1 pm (GMT +2)

During 2015 we will convene several peer assist sessions. The peer assist process offers simple yet effective steps to a group of peers address a challenge brought by a colleague. We identify and question assumptions, then share knowledge and insights which can facilitate the development of innovative and context sensitive solutions.

Our first request for assistance came from educational technologist Stephen Kigundu from Walter Sisulu University in South Africa. His challenge is about how to improve staff uptake and usage of an LMS in a higher educational institution. We had a great online peer assist via Adobe Connect with Stephen on Tuesday 27 January and an additional follow-up session will take place on 6 March at 1 pm. This will also be a one hour Adobe Connect session and more details will be announced as we are getting closer. After the session Stephen summarised some of the points raised and used this to create a shared Google Doc – a collaborative and editable Action Document which will create the basis for the followup session on 6 March. If you wish to participate and get access to this document then please drop us a mail at ten.acirfaegremenull@ofni. Your input will be much appreciated, either asynchronously in the Google Doc or as Peer Assistant during the live session on 6 March. In case you missed this session and you are curious about the process you are most welcome to view the Adobe Connect recording here and see peer assist resources we have made available in our Facebook Group

As an additional resource we had Jolanda Morkel to create this Sketch Note of the outcome of the peer-assist session:


If you have a case, proposal or situation, where you would find input from peers useful, please contact us on ten.acirfaegremenull@ofni.