Update: Online Interview Research : Designing, Doing, Teaching

Its day 2 of the seminar on “Online Interview Research : Designing, Doing, Teaching”, led by Dr. Janet Salmons which runs from 21 July to 25 July. To join the seminar please come to our seminar landing page which links you to seminar resources and our meeting places. Then please come to the forum to introduce yourself and join the seminar. There is no charge for registration to the e/merge Africa site or participation.

“Welcome! Please introduce yourself: We have 12 introductions from colleagues who want to use online interviews as part of their research in varied disciplines including educational technology, adult education, higher education, information systems, nursing education and digital literacies. If you haven’t introduced yourself yet this is a good place to make yourself known to other seminar participants

“What are research interviews? How can we use them in instruction and research?”: Janet Salmons introduces online research interviews and an E-Interview Research Framework which she developed to offer “a conceptual system of key questions about interrelated facets of online interview research”. In this topic she also shares the first chapter of her book “Qualitative Online Interviews” as well as a video introduction to the framework.

“Think through the choice to interview online” Janet Salmons offers “three ways to think about this choice, with the information and communications technology (ICT) serving as medium, setting, or phenomenon.” She invites us to “think about an idea for a study you’d like to conduct … then post a comment describing your own motivations for conducting online interviews.”

We look forward to meeting you in the forum. We will announce new times for the rescheduled online meetings as soon as these are available.

Seminar: How to use tablets and blended learning for effective adult education in Africa

4 August – 8 August.

From Ethiopia we are pleased to present this seminar by Batseba Seifu, who is a Project Manager at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University.

In this seminar Batseba will showcase a tablet based blended training application for adult education. She will introduce the benefits of using tablets for training and show ways of mitigating challenges with the use of tablets for trainings in Africa. The seminar will also provide insights on how to effectively deliver blended learning and introduce trainees to time-honored and innovative adult education theories.

After the seminar, attendees will get some insights on how to duplicate the technology, methodology, and didactics of the training to other subjects and other areas in Africa.

In addition, they will gain insights on how to deliver blended training effectively: they will learn how to involve interaction and motivation during the distance learning period and socialization during the face-to-face learning period. For further information and to sign up for free please go to the seminar signup page.

Starting today: Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching

We are counting down the days to the start of the seminar about Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching led by Dr. Janet Salmons, who will provide useful perspectives and advice on how to use online interviews for qualitative research. We will be able to explore the implications for qualitative research including the use of social media platforms. This seminar is highly recommended to colleagues who are engaged in qualitative research or training the next generation of researchers. Please circulate the news of this workshop widely within your African networks.

Please notice that the presenter has requested live sessions to be postponed until further notice. Please do come to join us to discuss and explore the resources available on the seminar landing page and in the discussion forum. This requires registration to the e/merge Africa web site which can be done here.