19 June: Facilitating student learning through e-Assessment processes and practices – Webinar 2

Associate Professor Alan Cliff, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT), University of Cape Town

Format: Two one hour webinars Monday 12 June and Monday 19 June, both days at 1 pm (SAST)

Second webinar:

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This two-part seminar will focus on the contemporary affordances and challenges of assessing students and student work in the online learning environment.

The first part (recording available here) will focused on the overarching issues that are and should be of interest to us all:

  • The higher education environment and the need for e-learning
  • The extent to which online environments can support and provide the enabling conditions for e-learning and e-assessment
  •  The extent to which online environments support or interact with contemporary online teaching and learning issues, such as the ‘unbundling’ of higher education teaching and learning and the offerings of private higher education online learning providers

The second part will focus on e-assessment practices and address the following questions:

  • ‘Doing assessment’ online – is it a case of transferring face-to-face assessment to an online environment?
  • The affordances and challenges of online assessment – a continuum from formative to summative assessment?
  • Online assessment practices – issues of purpose; format; grading; feedback; teaching and learning

Alan Cliff is an Associate Professor and co-ordinator of the Staff Development cluster at CILT. He teaches courses in educational psychology, educational assessment and adult education to mostly postgraduate education students and convenes courses in educational assessment and evaluation for students at certificate, diploma and master’s levels. Alan has supervised master’s and PhD students in areas such as the development of literacies practices in disciplinary contexts; the validation of standardised admissions tests; the use of alternate admissions tests for admission and placement purposes; and factors that facilitate the development of electronic systems literacy in the workplace. As co-ordinator, Alan contributes to work on alignment between curriculum and student assessment, with new and established academics and professional staff. Regionally, Alan teaches courses on assessment design and academic literacy. His current research interests are in the use of theories and principles of Dynamic Assessment to facilitate student learning; and in the processes of staff development as ‘literacies practice’ and induction into professional learning communities. Alan contributes to the development of educational assessment policy in the further and higher education sectors nationally.

This seminar has ended. For resources and webinar recordings please refer to the resource page.

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