The Web in Africa: impacting for sustainability?

18 June – 20 June 2014

You must  have heard about the “next 1 billion” to get online. Most of these will come from Africa. The web is playing increasing roles in everyone’s economic and social life.

Our seminar led by Nnenna Nwakanma, Africa Regional Coordinator of the World Wide Web Foundation, will explore the impact of the web in Africa. How affordable? How accessible? How do we measure impact? We will take a look at  the role of research in measuring the impact of the Web in Africa, and more importantly, in ensuring that the Web remains trusted, free and open.

The seminar will include asynchronous discussion and open with a live online meeting from 3-4 pm (GMT+2) on 18 June. The online meeting will be recorded. The asynchronous discussion will be open from 18-20 June.

Nnenna Nwakanma Nnenna works to develop cutting-edge collaborations in Africa. Her work has a particular focus on the Alliance for Affordable Internet project and the Web We Want campaign for human rights on and through the Web. She is an experienced development professional who has worked in the ICT field in Africa for over a decade. As well as leading a highly regarded consultancy platform, Nnenna has in recent years co-founded The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, and served as a board member of the Open Source Initiative. Her career has allowed her to work closely with many civil society organisations, the African Development Bank, the Digital Solidarity Fund and has seen her involved in many phases of the UN’s Africa Information Society Initiative. She has lived and worked in five African countries and is fluent in English, French and a number of African languages.

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4 thoughts on “The Web in Africa: impacting for sustainability?

  1. I eagerly look forward to this seminar. The questions raised are pertinent and must be addressed if Africa is to maximally harness the power of the internet for development.

  2. Is it paradoxical to call oneself an optimistic realist? Well, that is what I prefer to call myself – especially when confronted with the challenge of predicting the future of such a volatile thing as ICT on such an unpredictable continent as Africa. Given the hands-on creative role our facilitator has had in this field, I believe she will be able to balance the promises the Internet is capable of delivering based on fulfilled promises. I am holding my breathe!!

  3. The topic for this webinar “The Web in Africa: impacting for sustainability?” is quite relevant at this stage of the internet penetration and application in Africa. However to what extent is Africa “connected”, relative to other continents? The continent needs to be better “connected” through the internet, in order to have a more remarkable and sustainable web impact.

  4. Africa can not afford to ignore the changing times…its a swim or sink in this digital times. We need to rise to the challenge and grab such developments as MOOCs with both hands. Africa is strong!

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