Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching

21 July – 25 July 2014

Increasingly, we communicate online and use social media platforms for personal and family, social and cultural, business and educational purposes. Interviewers can use these technologies to interact with participants anywhere. Online interviews can be used to collect data for qualitative studies, but their use is not limited to empirical research. E-interviews are also valuable as collaborative e-learning exercises that bring real-world expertise into the classroom and develop digital literacy.

Even though we may feel comfortable communicating online, doing interviews requires another level of thinking and planning, questioning and listening. How do we learn such skills?

This seminar led by Dr Janet Salmons from Capella University and Vision2Lead will focus on two related areas: designing research studies based on data collected through online interviews and teaching students how to plan and conduct interviews online. We will consider ways to use free, cheap, available communications technologies. Resources and sample exercises will be offered that you can adapt for your own classes.

In addition to an asynchronous discussion forum, Dr. Salmons will offer two online meetings which will be recorded.

  • Wednesday, 23 July at 3 pm (SAST/ GMT +2)Teaching with Online Interviews and
  • Friday, 25 July at 3 pm (SAST/ GMT +2)Designing and Conducting Online Interview Research.


Janet Salmons, PhD has been an online graduate faculty member at Capella University School of Business and Technology since 1999. She is an independent researcher, writer and consultant through Vision2Lead ( . In addition to the new Qualitative Online Interviews, she edited Cases in Online Interview Research, also available from Sage Publications. In addition to online qualitative methods, she is interested in e-learning and online collaboration. She is a frequent presenter for online workshops and seminars, including participation in e/merge conferences. Dr. Salmons has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from Union Institute and lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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12 thoughts on “Online Interview Research: Designing, Doing, Teaching

  1. I am looking forward to this very interesting online workshop. I hope it will help me do my work better in future. Thanks!!

  2. Hello Dr. Salmons,

    I am very excited to participate in this upcoming workshop. I hope that it will provide the opportunity to learn additional skills in how to gather data through online interviews in technologically challenged parts of the globe. The exercises will also be useful in the development of a real-world application especially for future research activities.

    Thank you.

  3. It is indeed a rare opportunity for learning for me. I am eager to know more about the Online Interview Research Seminar to be held in July this year. Accept my active attention and participation during the forthcoming seminar.

  4. Good day all – looking forward to talking online with you as we learn more about online interviewing – I haven’t done this yet but know of PhD students who have done so

  5. It is nice to get information about this workshop. This kind of experience is a positive way towards enhancing researching and teaching leading to optimum learning achievement. I am anxiously waiting to be part of this cutting-edge innovation in the educational system..

  6. Interviewing as a research tool is a delicate task that requires a variety of skills, I believe. Doing it online must be even more delicate and demanding. I have rarely used this tool even for f2f interviews and certainly have never attempted online interviewing. I teach postgraduate research and am actively involved in research myself. But this is an area I have not developed. So, this seminar promises to be just what I need. I look forward to it.

  7. This is going to be very exciting. I am looking forward to it though I will be very busy with some activities then I sincerely appreciate this gesture and hope to be part of the learning. I also will like to acquire the book too. Many thanks

  8. I am so much looking forward to finding effective ways of conducting research online from you.The online space is a data mine but is often very difficult and overwhelming to navigate!

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