Peer Assist

Peer Assist

Do you have an a professional issue or problem difficult to crack? Why not share your case to other professional peers through a Peer Assist process to get new ideas and inspiration? Use the form below to sign up and let us host a Peer Assist session to address your challenges

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2 thoughts on “Peer Assist

  1. I would like to associate myself with you. I am a professional/educationist (ODL) for the past 54 years and still active. In brief, I am a MATURE African scholar. Moreover, ………………. I now live in Addis Ababa, please. I am waiting to hear from you. Many thanks. (Nega T. Bedanie)

    • Dear Nega, thank you for your expression of interest. Did you sign up for a peer assist on the e/merge Africa site? Regards, Jolanda Morkel.

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