Learning Design Workshop

22 April – 16 May 2014  Conveners: Professor Grainne Conole, Director of the Institute of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester, United Kingdom and Jolanda de Villiers Morkel, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Learning Design Workshop

Professor Grainne Conole, University of Leicester and Jolanda Morkel, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

This 4 week online workshop, presented by Grainne Conole and supported by Jolanda Morkel, will run from 22 April to 16 May, with a short break midway.

The main objective of the workshop is to support participants to prepare courses for online and mobile environments. Participants will work in small groups (max 4) and should have a course in mind. Group members will engage with a range of learning design conceptual tools in collaborative environments (e.g. Google Drive) and share insights and learning with other groups in a closed Facebook group. There will be two online meetings for Q&A, sharing and discussions.

Professor Gráinne Conole University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Jolanda Morkel Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

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38 thoughts on “Learning Design Workshop

  1. This is exciting! I perform dual roles in the Disability Studies Programme as an assistant lecturer and also as a teaching with technology facilitator for my colleagues. We are taking our Postgraduate Diploma to blended/online. Although i don’t lecture on this programme, i support my colleagues with the technological automation of their pedagogy so hope to learn a lot here i can take back to the team.

  2. Just what we are currently busy with – Would be great if we can relook at what we have done in the WCED with our on-line courses.
    Equally useful if the team could include two or more from each of our districts

  3. This Learning Design Workshop is much desired to motivate digital learning materials developers with multinational cooperation and collaboration in e-merge Africa network and beyond. I will actively participate and share with colleagues. Thank you for the initiative.

  4. Many thanks for inviting me to join the workshop, I look forward to participate in all sessions and discussions.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dear colleagues, Thanks for your comments and questions. I hope that you will all be joining us for this workshop!

    Adejare – please do inform your colleagues in higher education in particular about this workshop.

    Osman – Glad to hear that this workshop is so timely for you and WCED colleagues

    Melanie – Glad you will be joining us 🙂

    Michael – There is a significant cost – your time … and yes no fees for any of our seminars, workshops or courses for at least the next year or two.

    Ikechukwu – sounds like you will put the workshop to very good use – I’d encourage you to bring one or two of your colleagues along with you 🙂

    Waheed – If you are involved in the planning, development and delivery of an online or blended course then this workshop could pull you into some very powerful learning about design !

  6. Thank you for this exciting opportunity.

    – Are there any synchronous webinars scheduled, and on which days and at what time?
    – How much time do I need to set aside for the workshop series?

    More information on this would enable me to plan and judge if I will be in a position to participate.

    With best wishes, Marí Peté, Durban university of Technology

  7. A very timely workshop indeed. I am part of a team that is redesigning a course/module and participation in this workshop could not have come at a better time.

  8. Khanyisile, urbantswana and Mari, thanks for your messages. Mari, there will be two live online meetings on the 22nd April and 16th May. As soon as we have confirmation of the meeting times from the presenters these will be posted. Tomorrow we will also post details of the time participants should be able to allocate to workshop activities. My sense is that this depends largely on the time that you and your colleagues at DUT choose to invest in designing a course during the period of the Learning Design workshop.

  9. Professor Grainne, I am so very happy you are doing this. I need to develop an OER for a Short Learning Programme (must be available Jan 2015) and an OER for SA Teachers (Part of our Community Engagement project). I attended your workshop at UNISA and think you and your team are great. Thank you very much for this opportunity. We truly appreciate it. Have a blessed day, Lizelle

  10. Hello Everyone, I am so looking forward meeting you all. I am involved in developing e-learning on evaluation practices (follow up by other forms of learning), as well as e-learning on experience capitalization. My background is on adult education (and agriculture) and the most traditional face to face training. Acquiring knowledge on different learning designs is super important for my day to day work. Thanks for organizing it.

  11. Hi Nelly, Lizelle and Cris. Thanks for joining us for the workshop. Your specific experience across several countries and sectors will surely enrich the learning interactions! Lizelle, we’ll pass your message on to Grainne’.

  12. Thanks Tony for putting together this course. l look forward to engaging and learning with all those who have registered. Greetings from Zimbabwe

  13. We also look forward to the workshop sessions. We hope to co-design a course on HIV prevention, infection and management of AIDS, offered to all University of Swaziland first year students. How does my co-designer register into this workshop?

  14. the course looks daunting! But I will take the plunge and do it especially since I have to design an on.line module for implemenation in 2015

  15. This is quite interesting e/merge Africa team. I look forward to the workshop. My background is in face to face and online training. This has come at a perfect time for my work.

  16. Hi Thula, Its good to hear that you will be joined in the Learning Design workshop by your co-designer who can use the signup form on this page.

    Gillian, I think this workshop presents a marvellous learning opportunity that can help us to transform the way we design courses. All the best in this adventure!

    Blessing, thanks for joining us – its great to see that you and so many of your colleagues will be here as a course design team 🙂

  17. Yes, very interesting one, but best practices of online education may be effective if the disadvantaged areas have access to digitalised ICT tools/centres to be able to benefit the poor communities!

  18. Hi, I’ve fallen off the email list – HELP! Luckily I had a colleague who received the emails and sent them to me. I’ve signed up on the Signup page, and joined the Facebook group site, and put our project on the Google docs site. But I can’t help but think I may be missing something….

  19. Hi Amisalu, I’m looking forward to meeting you in the workshop. Thanks for joining us.

    Ernest, hopefully the rise of the low budget smartish phone and the availability of cheap tablets are helping to improve access.

    Hoping to learn – we all agree with your name and the workshop is off to a good start!

  20. A very good opportunity at developing African educators. This is laudable and I hope to learn more about course design. I have good knowledge of online design but hope this will present fresh perspectives.

  21. Indeed Olufemi, It looks like a lot of educators and educational technologists have decided that learning design is one of our key challenges right now! Maybe thats why so many of the e/merge Africa workshops and seminars are focused on learning design. Thanks for joining us for the workshop!

    • Hi Sipho, that is extreme diligence in signing up! Sorry if you have felt a bit adrift here. We sent you a username and password from the emergeafrica.net/live site but I suspect that is sitting in your spam folder. We will reset your access details and send these from another e-mail address a bit later this morning.

      • Thank you Tony! I think I am in though because I have accessed all the past discussions and have even found my group (15). Its only that I am a bit lost of what to do next but Jolanda’s workshop tips seem to be a good pointer.

  22. Greetings to all and thank you for keeping the workshop exciting. I was on the road so missed out on the live meeting. But I am now playing catch up. Thanks to the unique design of the e/merge platform. You can never really miss out on anything.

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