5 thoughts on “From the launch: topics for e/merge Africa events

  1. I think the clustering of the comments into themes has created a clearer picture of what participants are keen about. I feel that we should set the stage with something basic and then warm up in the different directions. Like it was agreed, we can address multiple interests at the same time.

  2. Thanks Jerome, Lets check in with the colleagues who were at the launch to see if we can jointly decide on one event for late July. Then the planning for that event will continue with a small team.

  3. Critical thinking, integration of ICT in Sub-economic sector and relevance of Technology are very important in the coming launch event.

  4. I would like to be involved in the online activities of e/Merge Africa. I am a Senior Education Officer for Open and Distance Learning in Central Province, Zambia. I am confident that this network will be very useful in my day to day activities.

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