Urgently needed e-learning capabilities

The 148 respondents to the e/merge Africa Needs and Priorities Survey in 2013 were asked to assess the capabilities most needed for e-learning in their respective institutions. Their top three priorities were design of e-learning courses, professional development for educators and designing e-learning for mobile devices. These were each mentioned by between 59% and 61.5% of respondents.The fourth most chosen capability was e-learning support for staff and students which was mentioned by 54% of the respondents. The need for social media skills mentioned by 53% of respondents may be slightly understated due to an error in the survey design.


What is e/merge Africa?

e/merge Africa is a new educational technology network which is mostly for educational technology researchers and practitioners in African higher education. During early 2014 e/merge Africa started offering regular professional development activities in the form of online seminars and workshops and short courses. You are invited to join our Facebook group, use the short contact form or mail us at ten.acirfaegremenull@ofni. If you would like to lead a seminar, workshop or short course please send us a proposal.

Calls for Proposals and Nominations for e/merge Africa events

This post follows up on the survey report and an executive summary from the e/merge Africa Needs and Priorities Survey which are available for reading , download and comment in Google Drive.  The report concludes with a list of priority topics for e/merge Africa 2014 events which appears at the end of this message.

There are so many forms of deep expertise and rich professional experience across diverse contexts within e/merge Africa and our events should reflect this depth, richness and diversity. Please consider yourself as a potential online presenter or workshop leader and let us know what you would like to offer.  

Call for Proposals: You are invited to propose an online event for e/merge Africa in 2014 which shares your expertise, insight and practices with colleagues across Africa and the world using our online proposal form or feel encouraged to address more preliminary or speculative ideas to us at ten.acirfaegremenull@ofni. We will give preference to events addressing one or more of the priority topics for 2014 activities but will certainly consider other areas as well. Please submit proposals by 24 January if you want to be considered  for events from February to April.

Call for Nominations: You are invited to nominate a potential presenter from Africa or another continent for an e/merge 2014 event using our online nomination form.