e/merge Africa Needs and Priorities Survey

This message invites your partnership in the planning of a learning agenda of online activities for e/merge Africa by completing the anonymous e/merge Africa Needs and Priorities Survey. This survey is designed to gather information about our work, our elearning skills and practices, our priorities for professional development and our preferred modes of interaction in the new network. The survey has 23 questions and requires 20-25 minutes. In a busy day this may feel like a lot of time but the prize will be professional development activities which matter to you. The Needs and Priorities Survey will remain open until 26th July.

The e/merge Africa network focuses on the use of educational technology in African higher education institutions and on educational technology research conducted in Africa HEIs. Educational technology practitioners and researchers from Africa and across the world are invited to join e/merge Africa. 


Our first activity has been postponed to August. An announcement will be made as soon as details of the event are available. In the meanwhile planning processes continue including the e/merge Africa Needs and Priorities Survey.