Workshop: Quality assuring online learning

Workshop: Quality assuring online learning

Monday 22 August – Friday 26 May 2016

Quality Assuring Online Learning – Second Webinar today at 3:30 pm (South African Standard time). Even if you were not part of the first webinar on Tuesday we encourage you to to take part.
Dr. Mhlanga will reflect on Tuesday’s conversation and for this session discuss the following:
*What are the implications of increasing e-learning offerings for quality assurance in higher education?
*How do we measure e-learning quality and use these measures to support valid and high quality online learning?
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View resources – and join webinar 23 August 2016 at 3:30 pm (SAST) & 26 August at 3:30 pm (SAST)

The global economy continues to be fueled by quickly flowing information, swiftly generated knowledge, and the myriad applications found for this information and knowledge. This trend has largely been made possible because of the advent of new information and communication technologies (ICTs). The “disruptive “nature of educational technologies has not only brought with it easy and fast sharing of information and knowledge, it is also transforming pedagogical approaches in higher education. Educational technologies are used in a variety of ways in institutions. The continued evolution of e-learning is contributing to the blurring of the distinction between face-to-face and distance education provision.

From a quality assurance perspective, we need to demonstrate that programmes and courses deployed through technology offer good quality learning that is comparable to if not better than what conventional face-to-face teaching provides. The need to develop a framework for quality assuring technology supported (blended learning) and technology dependent (e-learning) teaching and learning is more pressing now than ever before. Whilst it is true that many frameworks have been developed to guide practice, particularly in the West, the unique African context warrants the development of a quality assurance framework that is appropriate and effective enough to address the challenges faced in this context. Dialogue, sharing and frequent engagement amongst African practitioners are strategies that can help us develop effective quality assurance frameworks whilst at the same time we develop capacity amongst ourselves. The importance of the coming workshop lies precisely in this notion of tapping on the collective effort to initiate the process of developing a quality framework for the use of educational technology in African higher education institutions.

Recording of first online live session 23 August 2016:

Recording of second online live session 25 August 2016:

Dr. Ephraim Mhlanga is a Programme Specialist: Quality Assurance at the South African Institute for Distance Education


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