Teachers and Students' Perceptions of the Use of Mobile Technology to Facilitate Teaching and Learning

Teachers and Students’ Perceptions of the Use of Mobile Technology to Facilitate Teaching and Learning

21 September – 25 September 2015

This online seminar is  presented by Dr. Paul Nyagorme, University of Cape Coast, Ghana , Kafui Aheto, who is currently a doctoral candidate at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa and Daniel Kweku Ainooson, Researcher. They will share their findings from a study on perceptions of mobile technologies as a facilitator for teaching and learning. This seminar includes a live online meeting and asynchronous discussion and is free of charge.

A live online presentation took place Wednesday 23 September. The recording of this presentation is available here.

“The purpose of this study was to find out the perceptions of students and teachers towards the use of mobile technology in the teaching and learning process. Descriptive research methodology was used for the study. In all, 375 respondents participated in the study. They were made up of 300 students and 75 teachers selected from senior high schools in the Cape Coast Metropolis. Structured questionnaire was the main data collecting instrument. The study found that majority (84.7%) of the students in Cape Coast Metropolis had mobile phones as compared to those with personal computers and the majority (73.0%) of the students also had their mobile phones with them very often than their personal computers. The study also found that more than half of both the teachers and students also indicated that they would like to use mobile devices to support their teaching and learning. The study recommended a model for teaching and learning using mobile technology tools. It was recommended that school administration should organize in-service education and training (INSET) on mobile devices and technologies for teachers and students.”


Dr. Paul Nyagorme University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Kafui Aheto Doctoral Candidate at Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Daniel Kweku Ainooson  Daniel Kweku Ainooson, Researcher

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