Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights: Implications and Best Practices for Elearning Practitioners.

Dr. Jasmine Renner
6 June – 10 June 2016
Please join us for our webinar today 3 pm (SAST – 1 pm in Accra / 2 pm in Abuja – 4 pm in Nairobi) with Dr. Jasmine Renner and Dr. Glenda Cox (ROER4D University of Cape Town, South Africa). To join, please go to 1) Select ‘Log in as Guest’ (Usually default option) 2) Provide your name in the text box 3) Click log in to room.
Join us for this seminar on intellectual property rights and the role of policies regulating these. This seminar is lead by Carnegie Diaspora Fellow Dr. Jasmine Renner from East-Tennessee University, United States. Dr. Renner will start with a webinar on Monday 6 June at 3 pm (SAST) where she will be joined by Dr. Glenda Cox (Research on Open Educational Resources for Development – ROER4D, University of Cape Town, South Africa). and continue the conversation in a discussion forum during the rest of the week. Sign up below to join!


eLearning practitioners are increasingly creating educational materials that are offered on a wide scale, globally. With this dynamic frontier, emerge questions and concerns about intellectual property rights among content developers and providers. Questions such as who owns the digital materials and content that I create and post online? What are institutional or organizational limits of ownership to my e-materials and digital products? Can I patent my work and what are organizational implications? Do I have the right to use content for eLearning courses that is easily downloadable and found on the worldwide web at another organization? This webinar addresses intellectual property rights questions related to the content and development of eLearning educational materials and discusses its implications for practitioners, students and institutions or organizations.


Dr. Jasmine Renner, is an international speaker, author, lecturer. educator and consultant for governments and civil societies. She was appointed a 2015 Carnegie Africa Disapora Fellow by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and a Fulbright Specialist Scholar by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB). The Fulbright Specialist scholar award is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Carnegie Africa Disapora Fellow award is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and administered by the Institute of International Education in partnership with Quinnipiac University in New York. She is currently a tenured Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at East Tennessee State University.

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