Challenges and Enablers of eLearning Policy Implementation in Vocational Training Institutions in Zambia

Challenges and Enablers of eLearning Policy Implementation in Vocational Training Institutions in Zambia

16 – 20 November 2015

From Zambia Gabriel Konayuma will present a study on implementation of elearning policies and the challenges/enablers faced. Please sign up for this seminar below.

Thank you to all taking part in Gabriel Konayuma’s online live presentation Wednesday 18 November. Recording is available here

This paper investigates the enablers and challenges in the implementation of e-Learning policies in three vocational education institutions in Zambia. A total of seven individuals i.e. two managers and five lecturers in the study were interviewed.
The study found that e-Learning was described as having some specific characteristics and also the use of devices. It was also found that respondents had varying levels on the knowledge of national e-Learning policies. The challenges of e-Learning policy implementation were stated as: inadequate and lack of devices, lack of adequate skills, poor attitude and poor support services. Enablers for e-Learning were: learning facilitation, teaching facilitation, communication improvement and training.
The study recommended increased partnership with international organisations and stakeholders in strengthening e-Learning policy implementation, a focused roll-out of e-Learning policy implementation in vocational education institutions, the ministry creating an enabling environment for sharing of good and best practices in e-Learning implementation.


Gabriel Konayuma Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Zambia

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Wednesday 18 November 2015

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