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    Welcome colleagues,

    Please say a bit about your work and why you think higher education institutions need to pay (more) attention to workload planning for academics.



    I teach at a public university in Sub-Saharan Africa. Majority of students entering the university are academically underprepared. And the university has no arrangement to help beef up the preparedness of these ones to help them cope. The result is that often lecturers must go beyond the call of duty to assist the very poor cases. Such assistance cannot be achieved adequately within the assigned lecture hours. This then adds to the already heavy burden that is borne by staff. In the light of these realities, academic workload is a subject that deserves the attention of university administrators.

    I work at the University of Lagos and honestly the level of preparedness of students for academic work can be worrisome. This goes down to the general opinion on the quality of secondary education they had which left a lot of gaps that increases the workload at the University level.

    I found the attached document very interesting in the way University of Bolton UK addressed workload issues and it could be an eye opener or help shape perspective on the way out.

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    Hi Olufemi,

    This is a nice planning document. The basic things to note in the document are the main planning structure which include the objective, transparency, fairness and equitable distribution of workload, the activities to be carried out and time allocation.

    You are right Jerome. Providing extra teaching and guidance to such students add to workload. All universities irrespective of the mode of delivery were supposed to have learner support services. it is rather unfortunate that this is lacking in most universities in the Sub-Sahara Africa.

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