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  • Greetings everyone! I look forward to a vibrant exchange through both synchronous and asynchronous discussions. I would like to customize this seminar to YOUR interests, so please introduce yourself and tell me what you hope to gain from the seminar.

    Also, share what Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) you have access to, prefer for your own professional and social communications.

    See you online!



    Hi Janet,

    Tony Carr here from Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at University of Cape Town. I’m here for your most recent thinking about online research interviews because I want to use these for evaluation and research in the e/merge Africa network. I have access to lots of tools including smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop. I also have ample bandwidth most of the time. I mostly use Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

    Hi Janet,

    Melanie Alperstein here from the Education development Unit in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town. I am very new to online research. I want to use it mainly to do more in-depth follow up of Students who have completed our Post- Graduate Diploma in Health Professional Education and how it has possibly (or not) impacted on their practice. I am really wanting to find out best/appropriate methods, tools and practice of online research.

    Hello Janet, I enjoyed your introduction. I a from Durban on the east coast of South Africa. I am doing some research into higher education issues (curriculum, qualifications, assessment, media, e.g.) and supervise some students’ postgrad research. For me, online interviews will be something new, but want to be able to anticipate some of the challenges and issues that occur when we bring together online communication and research interviews, and when we try to support others designing their research. Looking forward to participating.

    Hi Janet. I am Sindile working at the University of South Africa in Pretoria. I am very interested on how to use e-interviews for research, how different will it be from the normal interviews? How can I adapt these for students with visual impairments? How do I make sure that the research tool is accessible? Looking forward to a fulfilling engagement.

    Hello Janet. I am Lucy Sakala, a PhD student in Information Systems form the University of Cape Town. I would like to learn about planning, designing and conducting online interviews for my research in order to help with data collection. I would like to teach these aspects to Honors students doing research in Computer Science.



    Hi everybody!
    I am Johan Badenhorst from the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein, Free State and as the name indicates we are in central South Africa!
    Your seminar is “just in time” for me, since I am in that exact phase of my PhD study. I am looking forward to some interesting and valuable information!



    Hi everybody, my name is Jerome Dooga. I teach English and research at the University of Jos in Central Nigeria. I am eager to take part in this seminar because the Online Interview format is new to me, even as the pervasive use of the internet for research is also. I look forward to a very rewarding time engaging with the presenter and participants.



    hi Janet
    my name is Pat – I am in the nursing and Midwifery division in the Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT. I am interested in this as although I have done face to face and telephonic interviews, not done this format and keen to learn more.

    Welcome everyone! I look forward to hearing how you shape these ideas once you have had a chance to review materials I post, and participate in the discussions.



    Hi Janet,
    I am an academic librarian and I plan to do some research in Information and Digital Literacies next year. It would be great to understand how online interviews could help me with that.



    Hie Janet,
    I am a teacher trainer in educational technology. I am intending to do online interviews for my research which will take place next year. I am in the process of writing a research proposal. I strongly believe that this will greatly help me.



    Hi all.

    I’m Gerrit, an Instructional Designer from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. Nice to be here…

    Seems like there are some recurrent themes here: further studies, and ‘I want to know more’. Same for me, especially if it means I can do stuff on online forums, so I don’t have to transcribe!



    Hello Janet
    Your course interests me as I’m keen to use technology where it can facilitate my data collection and analysis in my PhD research related to undergraduate medical education in Obstetrics at UCT.
    Recently I conducted evaluative interviews with participants from an online course using Skype. In some ways I found it more comfortable that face-to-face interviews and look forward to unpacking this experience through your expertise.
    Thanks, Veronica Mitchell

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    Hi Janet & co-participants,

    I’m sorry I’m joining late. I’m a hybrid librarian, digital project manager and researcher with an interest in shaping innovative learner led educational spaces. I’ve dabbled in instructional design, and the different literacies (information, social, emotional and digital) can be used to generate these. I’ve done bit of online interview based research in the course of evaluating various interventions and I’m interested in understanding how I can improve my approach and hone my skills in this area as part of my general skill set. I have a moderate amount of access and use a Probook (work), and a Windows phone and a Dell (home). I have a fairly dormant Twitter account and a Facebook page.

    Looking forward to exploring more with all of you.
    All the best

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