Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning - Chat Transcript

Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning – Chat Transcript

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    Olufemi Olubodun:Instructor, University of Lagos, passionate about EdTech.
    kelly elander:My kind of person!
    kelly elander:What do you teach Olufemi?
    kelly elander:I.m in our Communication department teaching software and web design.
    Nicola Pallitt:@Jakob do you think we lost Olufemi because webcam is a bit more bandwidth intensive than usual?
    Nicola Pallitt:Hi Cath:)
    Cath:~~wave~~ hey Nicola ~~ πŸ™‚
    kelly elander:I can turn it off if you wish
    Nicola Pallitt:Let’s see if he comes back on
    Jerome Dooga:Waaaoh!
    Cath:Hello Jerome !!~~wave~~
    Nicola Pallitt:Hi Jerome:)
    Cath:You made it !! πŸ˜€
    Jerome Dooga:it’s no longer lonely or quiet in here
    Jerome Dooga:Welcome everyone
    kelly elander:Greetings Cath and Jerome!
    Cath:Hey there Kelly ~~wave~~ πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:Did anybody bring some coffee? I need a drink. I’ve been sitting down here and working since morning. I didn’t know the meeting will catch me so suddenly.
    Cath:@Jerome…… Did my web browser cookies i baked for your earlier not fill you up?? πŸ˜›
    kelly elander:Sorry Jerome no virtual coffee yet.
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Cath, I didn’t taste your cookies because I was not sure what ingredients they were made of.
    Cath:thanks JP πŸ™‚
    Nicola Pallitt:yes, let’s wait for a few mins – gonna send students over from the MA class (online) now too
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Kelly, my name is Jerome Dooga. I struggle to teach with technology at the University of Jos in Central Nigeria.
    Jerome Dooga:I’m am a technology enthusiast
    Cath:I work as a content architect at University of Cape Town….. but my primary interests is online learning……. and have been in that field for about 15 years (as a freelance developer)
    Cath:Hi there Kristin ~~ wave ~~
    Jerome Dooga:I’m especially interested in this subject because of the creative title. But also because I need the information it promises to provide.
    kelly elander:Greetings to you both. Unfortunately as we learned this morning Technology can be a struggle for everyone, but we thankfully have lots of work-arounds.
    Kristin:greetings all, from Accra
    Tony Carr:Hi Cath, Kristin, Jerome, Nicola, Jakob and Kelly!
    kelly elander:Hi Greetings!
    Tony Carr:Welcome Olufemi!
    Cath:Hey Tony ~~~ wave ~~~ πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:I find that sustaining the interest of learners in online interaction is a major challenge
    Cath:Hi Olufemi ~~wave~~
    kelly elander:Yes engagement is a big issue.
    Olufemi Olubodun:hi everyone
    kelly elander:Glad you were able to reconnect.
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Femi. I see you
    Jakob Pedersen:Welcome Kristin and Femi please introduce your selves
    Nicola Pallitt:Greetings Kristin, welcome back Olufemi”)
    Tony Carr:Hi Gabriel πŸ™‚
    Olufemi Olubodun:Glad to see you here Jerome and everyone here
    Olufemi Olubodun:Instructor, University of Lagos, passionate about EdTech.
    Kristin:I’m at FAO’s Regional Office for Africa, interested in distance learning and doing it better – thanks for this !
    Cath:Welcome Gabe ~~ wave~~ hop you feeling better !! πŸ™‚
    Nicola Pallitt:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_o5G-Uxfn-1UxmK0K8kDQWKd44UEHpakmB5zfwx7JqE/edit?usp=sharing
    Nicola Pallitt:Link is about how to become a member of the AECT, the oldest professional home for the educational technology field
    Tony Carr:How to communicate the shared sense of being living, breathing human beings online …
    Jerome Dooga:And now the CoI framework now also has Emotional presence
    Tony Carr:Cognitive – presumably also about mobilising thinking – individually and together?
    Tony Carr:Welcome Olasumbo πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:Stenbom Eti al 2014 on Emotional presence
    Tony Carr:in this way e-collaboration increases social presence?
    Jerome Dooga:Range of emotions Positive: appreciation, curiosity, joy, motivation, surprise. Negative: anxiety, annoyance, depression, restricted, stupidity, burned out, etc. Pekrun et al (2011)
    Jerome Dooga:Some of these are challenging when dealing with large classes
    Tony Carr:Welcome Alicebz πŸ™‚
    Olufemi Olubodun:Synchronous communication with engaging tasks and discussions can really bridge the disance more than asynchronous communication
    Nicola Pallitt:so online learning is definitely now dumping content online according to research either
    Nicola Pallitt:not*
    Tony Carr:How does personal communication scale in largeer classes?
    Nicola Pallitt:Yip, use video quite a bit
    Jerome Dooga:I’m participating in. MOOCS course now, and I found that a mail I received, addressing me specifically moved me to reconnect with the activities. I had missed an entire week and was two days into a second week with no participation.
    Nicola Pallitt:We use vocaroo, voice only but similar
    Cath:Yes – have used voicethread πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:so …the illusion of a personal message was enough πŸ˜‰
    Nicola Pallitt:TurnItIn also has a feature for voice feedback at some institutions
    Jerome Dooga:If the course is entirely online, how do you arrange learners into groups and assign the, tasks, especially if the class is large?
    Jerome Dooga:Yes Tony.
    Nicola Pallitt:who writes about teacher immediacy techniques? will look that up
    Nicola Pallitt:Greetings Mohamed:)
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Greetings Nicola!!
    Jerome Dooga:In my classes, if I get to know something personal about a learner that is positive, I sometimes reference it in my communication: such as asking about their sister’s new baby, or the juicer which was broken and needed to be fixed, etc. Such trivial but personal things tell the learner that you know and care about them as individuals.
    Nicola Pallitt:Gilly Salmon’s e-tivities can include authentic learning right?
    Cath:@Mohamed ~~wave~~ πŸ™‚
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Thanks Cath:)
    Nicola Pallitt:so good course designs shows in more ways than we realse
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah. strategic communication works! I’ve experienced that.
    Nicola Pallitt:you disappeared…
    Tony Carr:sound gone
    Tony Carr:come back Kelly πŸ™‚
    Olufemi Olubodun:I facilitated an online conference and with one of my presenters with I had skype meeting and I was not able to meet the other presenter before the conference. The presenter I met on skype I found was more connected with her than the second presenter on the conference day.
    Tony Carr:yes, good point Olufemi
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Sound
    Jerome Dooga:Oh! I thought it was a problem at. y end
    Olufemi Olubodun:This do happen
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:no sound
    Kristin:very interesting, taking notes – and usually problem is our end too πŸ˜‰
    Tony Carr:back
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah Femi. That’s a god one.
    Olufemi Olubodun:In the midwife conference I and my presenter disppeared same time
    Jerome Dooga:This is a really useful presentation
    Nicola Pallitt:sound not on yet
    Nicola Pallitt:very useful advice indeed
    Olufemi Olubodun:Technology is definitely evolving even in developed countries you may get some surprises
    Tony Carr:this happens a lot in synchonous environments – someone disapears and returns a bit later
    Nicola Pallitt:Thoughts on points mentioned so far? Questions? While Kelly busy sorting mic we discuss so lone
    Tony Carr:good …
    Nicola Pallitt:we discuss so long I mean
    Olufemi Olubodun:Kelly pls remeber to connect your mic
    kelly elander:Am I back on?
    Nicola Pallitt:not yet
    Nicola Pallitt:connect you rmic so we can hear you:)
    Nicola Pallitt:your*
    Olufemi Olubodun:We are yet to hear you
    Tony Carr:click on mike icon at top of screen so it turns green
    Jakob Pedersen:Still no sound Kelly…or connect mic in the app..
    Nicola Pallitt:on app it’s also mic icon
    Olufemi Olubodun:Kelly is on the platform but I guess he hasn’t connected his mic
    Jerome Dooga:So far, so great!
    Tony Carr:we are collaborating to regain instructor presence !
    Cath:@Tony πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Nicola Pallitt:I really liked the bit about good course design, I think it puts trust and faith in the course facilitators or lecturers too
    Jerome Dooga:Can we have a musical interlude please? Where’s Cath?
    Cath:I am here Jerome πŸ™‚
    Olufemi Olubodun:@Nicolla I was about to ask Kelly how course design can be important in removing the feeling of isolatedness
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah. So, good course design is more than just content. it must incorporate the other aspects of the CoI framework too and balance them nicely.
    Jerome Dooga:increasingly, Social Presence as well as E,optional Presence are becoming key components in what may be considered good design. And I think the popularity of social media and its affordances has had some influence.
    Nicola Pallitt:perfect
    Cath:YAY~~ we hear sound !
    Tony Carr:yes!
    Nicola Pallitt:Yay:)
    Jakob Pedersen:yes Kelly back on great!
    Jerome Dooga:Yeeeeeah!!! Welcome
    Cath:Welcome Back !! πŸ˜€
    Tony Carr:lost sound again
    Nicola Pallitt:me also
    Jerome Dooga:Maybe it’s the network.
    Nicola Pallitt:I think it might be the case…
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:me
    Nicola Pallitt:can you please disconnect and connect your mic again Kelly?
    Nicola Pallitt:We seem to have lost your voice again
    Jerome Dooga:And this immediacy technique is very important.
    Tony Carr:try now Kelly
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:great
    Cath:Very soft??
    Jerome Dooga:Yeeeeah!
    Cath:Still too soft……
    Jerome Dooga:Increase volume please!
    Cath:It is really really soft !!!
    Jerome Dooga:Increase
    Tony Carr:yes!
    Cath:Mic closer to mouth??
    Nicola Pallitt:sound much better though
    Jerome Dooga:Great presentation.
    Tony Carr:Thanks for returning so persistently
    Tony Carr:Can you scale up personal communication>
    Tony Carr:as classes get larger?
    Tony Carr:Are clever programmed prompts to individuals sometimes enough?
    Nicola Pallitt:Some strategies that you think are specific to small or large classes? For example, UNISA classes have over 1000 students
    Nicola Pallitt:and the ratio is 150 students to 1 tutor – okay distribution?
    Tony Carr:thanks Kelly
    Jerome Dooga:That’s true. But challenging.
    Jerome Dooga:This distribution is not determined by what is best. It is determined by expediency, cost and availability of personnel
    Jerome Dooga:My classes are typically 100-250
    Kristin:many thanks!
    Jerome Dooga:Kelly, this was very revealing
    Olufemi Olubodun:I hadly could hear Kelly unlike before
    Nicola Pallitt:http://emergeafrica.net/facilitating-online-2017/
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks Nicola, Tony, Jacob, Alice. Cath, Mohammed, Olufemi, Gabi, etc.
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:Thanks a lot
    Cath:Thanks Kelly – great presentation πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:I will apply some of the strategies immediately
    Olufemi Olubodun:Greta presentation
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:great
    Cath:switching off the recording now??
    Olufemi Olubodun:I shall follow up in the social media
    Tony Carr:Thanks Kelly – really lovely collection of research validated practices
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah. And I would be glad to report the results of my experiences
    Nicola Pallitt:@kelander1
    Jakob Pedersen:recording off
    Nicola Pallitt:on Twitter
    Cath:Thx JP πŸ™‚
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:Thank you
    Cath:Cheers everyone ~~wave~~
    Jerome Dooga:Goodbye Nicola
    Olufemi Olubodun:Good bye
    Mohmed A.Ahmed:bye everyone
    Nicola Pallitt:Bye everyone and thank you Kelly – was really useful:)
    Jakob Pedersen:Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1330719933691773/
    Cath:If we edit them out we coudl loose the text chat?
    Cath:(sorry – typos!)
    Cath:JP – ok , ionly in the video recording
    Cath:thx JP πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:Now I must have some tea. bye everyone



    Hello Jakob, I missed the Webinar on “Take the Distance out of Distance Learning;…”.
    Please, can I get the link to the video, or slides, or both. I am sure I missed a lot and would really want to be a part and make some contributions on this Forum.

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