Live presentation Tuesday 11 August: Recording and chat transcript

Live presentation Tuesday 11 August: Recording and chat transcript

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    Dear Colleagues,

    Thank you to those of you who took part in Antoinette Mukendwa’s online live presentation. In case you missed this session then the recoding is available here. For the transcript from the Adobe Connect chat, please see below:

    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Antoinette
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Hi Jakob
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Sorry I’m late
    Jakob Pedersen:Not a problem! I am on ipad at the moment and am stuggling a bit to get my laptop working. But good you are on. At least we can check sound
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Sure
    Jakob Pedersen:I am just trying to say something to check if you can hear sound
    Antoinette Mukendwa:No. nothing
    Antoinette Mukendwa:I can hear you
    Antoinette Mukendwa:But it seems you cant hear me
    Jakob Pedersen:Alright.. no sound from you. Could you please try and run the Audio Setup Wizard under Meeting..?
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Ok. I’ll try again. It didn’t work the first time
    Jakob Pedersen:also once you wish to talk please locate the microphone at the top and click until it turs green
    Antoinette Mukendwa:It’s already green
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Just asked one of our IT guys to assist
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Please be patient
    Jakob Pedersen:Great! Not a problem πŸ™‚
    Jakob Pedersen:I hope we can et this to work
    Jakob Pedersen:If I appeared offline for a bit then I am back and will stay in the room
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Hi Jakob
    Antoinette Mukendwa:I think I’m sorted
    Jakob Pedersen 2:definitely sound πŸ™‚
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Shall we test it?
    Antoinette Mukendwa:Or you can alredy hear me?
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Please try and talk πŸ™‚
    Jakob Pedersen 2:I can hear you
    Oni:pls when is the seminar coming up in Nigeria time, thanks
    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Oni this will be 1 pm in Nigeria i.e. in about an hour
    Oni:am looking forward to gain something new from the seminar. am new on the forum thanks
    Gerrit Wissing:Hallo Japie!
    Gerrit Wissing:I’ve got a new machine, just came in to test quickly. Will duck out now, but be back just before the start
    Jakob Pedersen:Goeie Dag Meneer Wissing! Great glad you all tech’ed up for this πŸ˜‰
    Antoinette M:Hi Jakob
    Antoinette M:Hi everyone!
    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Antoinette!
    Antoinette M:I’m ready and set to go
    Jakob Pedersen:I hope a few more will join us
    Antoinette M:Shall we test the sound?
    Jakob Pedersen:yes good idea
    Brenda:Hello to all
    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Brenda and welcome
    Antoinette M:Hi Brenda
    Rita Kizito:Hi to all
    Tony Carr:Hello Antoinette! and Brenda, Gerrit, Rita, Jakob πŸ™‚
    Jakob Pedersen:Welcome Tony!
    Antoinette M:Hello Rita. Hi Tony!
    Rita Kizito:Hi
    Nicola:sound back
    Tony Carr:Hi Kolawole, Nicola πŸ™‚
    Antoinette M:Hi everyone!
    kolawole:Hello ToNY
    Tony Carr:nice, clear sound
    Nicola:perfect Antoinette:)
    Jakob Pedersen:All fine Antoinette!
    Jakob Pedersen:On my list to visit!
    kolawole:I can hear loud and clear
    kolawole:Hello to all
    Oni:i can hear loud and clear, nice audio voice
    kolawole:Yes Antoinette you got the name right
    Oni:i hope i can have access to the recording after the presentation, my internet is breaking though still audible.
    kolawole:Yes, you will get the recording. The session is being recorded
    Jakob Pedersen:Oni we will make the recording available alter and this should work on even slower connections
    Oni:thanks all, interesting am enjoying myself
    Gerrit Wissing:Should be possible
    kolawole:mergeable workbooks should be possible
    Gerrit Wissing:…to merge workbooks. Could get complex if you merge on tab level rather than just the summaries
    kolawole:ANTONIETTE I am interested in working with you as regards my institution
    Gerrit Wissing:eMM website:
    Brenda:Thanks – a worthwhile exercise!
    Tony Carr:that was great – thanks
    Nicola:very insightful:) Thank you
    kolawole:Nice presentation ANTONIETTE
    Nicola:Anything in the eMM on lecturer capabilities and attitudes?
    Gerrit Wissing:Lots of resources too:
    Antoinette M:I’m glad to hear that!
    Tony Carr:kolaole’s hand is raised
    Tony Carr:kolawole’s
    Gerrit Wissing:Nicola also had a question in the text box
    Nicola:we hear you:)
    Tony Carr:hello there Kolawole!
    Gerrit Wissing:Hearing you, Kolawole
    Jakob Pedersen:Thank you Gerrit – I will add these resources to the landing page later
    Jakob Pedersen:(links)
    kolawole:Yes you have answered my question
    Gerrit Wissing:How long does it take to complete an assessment? Quite a comprehensive workbook to complete
    Nicola:thanks – I will have a look:)
    kolawole:Is the workbook available online
    Brenda:Can you hear me?
    Tony Carr:very quiet
    Antoinette M:All the documentation is available on the website
    Tony Carr:a bit
    Antoinette M:I’ll send the link shortly
    Tony Carr:still too soft
    Brenda:Will write my question here
    Nicola:on the emm site
    Brenda:REgarding the earlier question about wehter anyone is fully compliant …
    Antoinette M:Yes…
    Brenda:Perhaps not all the measures are relevant for every institution?
    Brenda:THis is a comprehensive framework for refereence, and we should adapt and focus on what is relevant for each?
    Brenda:This may asist in asceratining the nature of our own institution
    Brenda:Thanks, Antoinette.
    Nicola:The model involves making judgements about quality, so perhaps it’s more evaluative than helping us with research questions such as why i.e. why are we not adequate – better understanding underlying institutional culture stuff such as lack of incentives for online teaching, etc. How do you see the usefulness of eMM for these kinds of understandings?
    Tony Carr:Related to Brenda’s , Nicola’s and Kolawole’s questions I am wondering if there is a need for an enhancement when applying eMM to institutions that mostly teach face to face – so there is an integration with more generic Learning maturiity other wise the learning aspect of eMM is unsupported institutionally
    Nicola:Good point Tony, so institutions that collaborate need to have similar structures because their strategies will be different based on this and these are part of the methodology
    Nicola:Like one can’t compare a majority face-t-face mode uni to a distance ed one is terms of eMM findings is what you are saying Tony?
    kolawole:That is great because communication gap has always been a serious issue between the students and facilitators
    Gerrit Wissing:I suppose one could adapt the assessment to align with the uni’s strategic objectives. Downside is that one will loseability tobenchmark compare with other uni’s
    Nicola:Perhaps we need one for facilitating online in particular?
    Nicola:Some fine-grained quality framework
    kolawole:Since paradigm has shifted frrom teacher-centred to learner-centred the approach decribed by Antoniette is the best
    Nicola:Yip – agree
    Nicola:Yes, you are thank you:) I was wondering if it gives insight into anything that can strengthen qualitative stuff
    Nicola:Tony and I were talking about collaborating institutions, that they might need to be similar
    Gerrit Wissing:@Nicola: perhaps one could use the instrument to highlight concerns, which one can then examine qualitatively from up close..?
    Tony Carr:and lets also continue the conversation in the forum at
    kolawole:I will be interested in anybody that will be ready to collaborate with me in working on my institution including Antoniette
    Tony Carr:maybe we should issue an invitation in the next e/merge mail for institutions that want to benchmark against each other using eMM?
    Nicola:Yes, Gerrit that’s a good idea
    Gerrit Wissing:I suppose one would have to find a way to calibrate the assessment when benchmarking, to ensure evalutions are consistent between institutions
    kolawole:Great Tony
    Oni:Nice presentation, am learning new things now
    Gerrit Wissing:@Antoinette: How long does it take to complete an assessment: it’s pretty comprehensive
    Antoinette M:Sorry. I am not very good at multitasking
    Antoinette M:I missed some of your points
    Tony Carr:I think it takes a bit of courage to do an exercise like eMM
    kolawole:Yes Tony
    Tony Carr:perhaps we might be a bit nervous about what we will discover πŸ˜‰
    Antoinette M:But I’ll have a look at the recording and answer any questions I missed in the discussion forum
    Antoinette M:Is that ok?
    kolawole:Ok Antoniette
    Nicola:and who speaks for an institution – I imagine this is quite an issue. Should it be eLearning people, library people, managers, deans, etc.
    Brenda:and different faculties have different practices …
    Nicola:so a mix of people?
    Nicola:that is what you recommend
    Nicola:thank you:)
    kolawole:Everybody involve should be involved including the assistants
    Tony Carr:not so easy in a very federalised institution with diverse practices even within each teaching department
    Gerrit Wissing:It would be ideal if the assessment are driven from institutional leadership to ensure buy-in and compliance
    Rita Kizito:Colleagues please excuse me I have to leave now
    Nicola:yes, I was also wondering about those kinds of discrepancies
    Tony Carr:see you in the forum Rita
    Jakob Pedersen:Thank you Rita for participation!
    Nicola:Thanks for joining us Rita:)
    kolawole:Those discrepancies are even good for one to be able to get facts
    Gerrit Wissing:@Antoinette: the discrepancy will be there between institutions too. Definitely workshops to calibrate the assessment. In Windhoek will work best, or Cape Town
    kolawole:You should expect that the response of managers will be different from the students response
    Nicola:Also got to run, but I really enjoyed this session – thanks so much Antoinette, I really enjoyed your session:) It really clarified some things for me
    Jakob Pedersen:Thanks for joining Nicola!
    Gerrit Wissing:Somebody stole Antoinette :D. Or her sound, anyway…
    Brenda:Lost audio – will sign off now. Many thanks for an interesting discussion!
    Tony Carr:thanks to Antoinette and all here!
    Jakob Pedersen:Thank you to Antoinette and all of you for participating – Chat transcript and recording will be available shortly on our landing page, discussion forum and Facebook event page
    Gerrit Wissing:Thanx for comng to tell us about this, Antoinette. A stitch in time…
    Gerrit Wissing:Cheers all!
    Jakob Pedersen:Dankie Gerrit
    Oni:i really enjoyed the presentation and question sessions, though i dont have a question now but i believe when i go through the recording again i will be able to get the real deal about the application. thanks to the presenter
    Antoinette M:Hi everyone
    Antoinette M:So sorry
    Antoinette M:The sorrows of technology
    Antoinette M:I hope I didn’t mess anything crucial
    Antoinette M:*miss
    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Antoinette we decided to end just after loss of connection to you so nothing crucial



    Thanks to Antoinette for leading a most engaging and helpful event.

    My takeaways are that:
    1) Benchmarking is an important part of both evaluation and improvement processes
    2) eMM is well designed, thorough and well documented
    3) eMM can’t do everything so it can usefully be combined with other approaches
    4) Comparisons are most likely to be useful between institutions with similar goals and characteristics
    5) Its important to involve several stakeholders but may not be easy to come up with consolidated scores
    6) It would be interesting to try out eMM across several African institutions and to benchmark across similar institutions.

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