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    Thank you all who took part in yesterdays’s live meeting session with Jerome Dooga. Please find chat transcript here and recording here

    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Irene!
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Jerome
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Jacob, I am here
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Jerome, able to hear me?
    Jerome Dooga:Yes, I can here you loud and clear
    Jerome Dooga:After the slide that says teaching starts with learning design, the next slides delay. Well, the next one just came up
    Jerome Dooga:I think everything is fine. There is a delay. But it’s fine.
    Jerome Dooga:yes
    Irene Maweu:Good afternoon Gentlemen. Nice to see you
    Irene Maweu:How is Jos Jerome?
    Irene Maweu:How is CT Jakob?
    kolawole:Hellooooo everybody
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Irene – all fine in Cape Town! Windy but sunny day
    Jakob Pedersen 2:How is Nairobi?
    Irene Maweu:Nairobi is sunny today. Very nice weather
    Jerome Dooga:irene, Jos is fine
    Jerome Dooga:It’s getting a bit cold at this time of the year.
    Irene Maweu:Kolawole welcome . How are you doing?
    Jerome Dooga:You know CT?
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Kola, I’m happy you could join us.
    kolawole:@irene, doing fine. Can conclude you are fine too
    Jerome Dooga:Oh Irene, you meant Cape Town. I thought you were referring to my friend Charles T Jacob. Hahahaha
    kolawole:Thanks Jerome. Hope to meet you one of these days
    Jerome Dooga:Yes. Sure. You are in Ibadan, so we will meet someday.
    Jerome Dooga:I was at UI in 2012 or so to train the female academics that Ayotola Aremu was working with
    kolawole:Quite interesting we are in the same country, and havent met once
    kolawole:Oh Ayotola Aremu of Teacher Education Department. She is really doing great job in UI as far as educational technologies is concerned together with Adedoja
    Jerome Dooga:Yes. She is. Can two meet without appointment?
    Jerome Dooga:Now that we have met online, we will arrange to meet f2f too.
    kolawole:Yes, very soon
    Jerome Dooga:So, what is the official UI position on elearning?
    kolawole:UI is trying its best but has only recorded visible success with the ODL of the Distance learning Centre.
    kolawole:For the regular/full-time students there hasnt been any clear cut policy on instituionalising e-learning
    kolawole:However, the institution has and is still developing infrastructure for e-learning uptake
    Jerome Dooga:Ok
    Jerome Dooga:There is no elearning strategy or other policy document to this effect?
    Irene Maweu:Jerome can you try your mic please?
    Irene Maweu:Just want to besure I can hear you.
    Jerome Dooga:Irene, you stepped out when I tried my mike.
    Jerome Dooga:Welcome Alice. It’s been a while
    Jerome Dooga:Hennie, welcome.
    alicebz:Hi everyone. JTD it has been a while πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:Hi all πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:Halli Sisi. How ahve you been?
    Tony Carr:great
    alicebz:Hi Irene. I’m good you?
    Jerome Dooga:Yes, Alice
    Tony Carr:Tony from Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at UCT
    Irene Maweu:Hi Tony
    Irene Maweu:I am great.
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Tony
    Tony Carr:Hi Irene :), Jerome, Alice, Jakob, Hennie, kolawole πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:I am from Nairobi Kenya – Consulting in Human capcity development and communication
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Tony!
    Jerome Dooga:Tony are you back, or are you connectiing from the Diaspora?
    Irene Maweu:Tony πŸ™‚ ..No imojis here
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Nicola
    Jakob Pedersen 2:I am Project Manager for e/merge Africa and based in Cape Town
    kolawole:Hello Tony. Glad to have you here
    Tony Carr:back in Cape Town … though with virtual does this matter so much? πŸ˜‰
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah I guess Tony
    Irene Maweu:Hi Nicola. Good to see you
    Tony Carr:Hi Nicola πŸ™‚
    alicebz:Hi all I’m e/merge coordinator East/Southern Africa based in East London (Buffalo City) South Africa
    Nicola Pallitt:Hello Iren3 and all emergers:) Im at a conference snakily putting a headphone in one ear lolhi
    Hennie Esterhuizen:Hi! I am Hennie. I used to be involved with e-Learning Supportat the Unit for Open Distance Learning at North-West University in South Africa. Currently I am with Institutional Information Technology (IT) at NWU.
    alicebz:Hi hennie
    alicebz:Hi NP multi-tasking as usual?
    Jerome Dooga:I’ve lost sound. Ok I can here you now Jacob
    Tony Carr:Jerome – say something?
    Tony Carr:your mike is on
    Tony Carr:yes!!
    alicebz:Speak up JTD
    Nicola Pallitt:i hear JP and Jerome:)
    Hennie Esterhuizen:Sound is fine
    Tony Carr:a little quiet but ok
    Irene Maweu:Yes.
    alicebz:Use your headmaster voice
    Nicola Pallitt:Greetings Hennie:)
    Tony Carr:good sound
    Irene Maweu:Sound is very good
    Tony Carr:welcome Peter πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:Peter Aborisade?
    peter:Yes Peter Aborisade
    Tony Carr::)
    peter:Hi Tony, glad to be here. Had problem connecting earlier
    Tony Carr:hoping your connection will be stable
    peter:Hoping so too
    Tony Carr:sound breaking up a bit here
    Irene Maweu:Something is not right with Jeromes sound… or is it just me?
    kolawole:same here
    peter:Yes sound breaking up … but able to follow somewhat
    Tony Carr:yet … sound like the connection is inconsistent
    Irene Maweu:We lost Jerome
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Jerome – I think you will need to repeat the last bit
    peter:Lost connection
    Tony Carr:Jerome – we can only hear you for a few seconds at a time
    Tony Carr:Jerome – maybe break the connection and come back into the room?
    Tony Carr:loloks like Jerome isn’t getting any sound here
    Joel Gogwim:Hello everyone!
    Tony Carr:Hi Joel
    Jakob Pedersen 2:There seems to be quite a delay in Jerome’s sound
    peter:Welcome Joel
    Tony Carr:ok, sound is better
    peter:Jerome, Jerome, Jerome! Read Tony’s advice. Break connection and re-enter the room
    Tony Carr:come back a slide or two
    Tony Carr:we didn’t hear much
    Irene Maweu:Now we can hear you
    kolawole:This is one of the elements that frustrates online learning. Questions related to this was asked by Jerome yeasterday
    alicebz:we missed all that
    Irene Maweu:Yes Kolawole , internet connection is a bif challenge for online learning
    Tony Carr:tell us when you need to change the slide
    Tony Carr:face to face teaching can’t transfer exactly to online teaching – the content monster!
    Tony Carr:- links to the need to remediate for online contexts
    Nicola Pallitt:affordances not always positive, can be miapproprated or a good fit for context
    Nicola Pallitt:misappropriated*
    Tony Carr:so – lots of professional development needs in this space
    Tony Carr:(do we need to move on to the next slide Jerome?)
    Tony Carr:sound going a bit again
    Tony Carr:ok now
    Tony Carr:!
    peter:Losing sound again
    Tony Carr:time lags of several seconds
    Tony Carr:Hi Abraham πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:Why cant we take face to face content into Online learning? what would be the problem?
    Tony Carr:Jerome – can you see the text chat?
    Tony Carr:good
    Irene Maweu:what are some of the assumption that people have in learning designs that are not suitable for online learning?
    Tony Carr:Jerome – are you back?
    peter:Jerome, can you suggest an adaptable learning design model/template for institutions in Africa to use?
    Irene Maweu:Thank you Tony
    alicebz:He is trying to reconnect TC – message via hangouts
    kolawole:The whole lot of content being delivered when in f2f platform cannot be taken to the online platform.
    kolawole:Most times, what i do with my students in online platform is guided inquiry
    Irene Maweu:what is the biggest challenge have you encoruntered so far in learning design?
    kolawole:At the end of it most time i am able to achieve my goals
    peter:I can see he’s(Jerome) trying to connect on a second device
    Hennie Esterhuizen:Jerome is currently Participant: Please promote to Presenter
    Hennie Esterhuizen:I see it has been done now
    Jerome Dooga 2:I can see the chat now Tony
    Jerome Dooga 2:But your audio is breaking
    Irene Maweu:Hahahaha πŸ˜‰
    Jerome Dooga 2:I don’t have the mike though
    Tony Carr:Irene Maweu: what are some of the assumption that people have in learning designs that are not suitable for online learning?
    Jerome Dooga 2:Yeah. I am in the chat
    Hennie Esterhuizen:There is still a possibility that Jerome 2’s mic should be enabled for the Host’s side
    Tony Carr:eg that having lots of content will substitute for facilitation perhaps
    Tony Carr:presenters can take the mike for themselves – will try downgrading to participant + enabling
    Tony Carr:gone again
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Any of our participants who would like to share their thoughts via microphone?
    Tony Carr:Discussion forum at
    Tony Carr:You can login with Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+/twotter
    Tony Carr:twitter
    Tony Carr:we will keep the forum going for the next few days
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Sorry, I just got back
    Dr Jerome Dooga:I can hear you
    Tony Carr:good sound too
    Irene Maweu:Yes we can hear you
    Dr Jerome Dooga:I can hear you.
    peter:Yes we can hear you Jerome
    Gabriel:Finally I am in
    peter:Welcome Gabriel
    kolawole:Yes, that is where to start from Jerome
    Tony Carr:Sound, pragmatic approach
    peter:Your point is taken Jerome. I’ll be sharing a link to the British Joint Information Systems Committee guideline for designing that I’ve used before and found useful
    Tony Carr:good doc
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Thanks Peter
    kolawole:Expecting Peter
    peter:I’ll be sharing the link on the forum please, can’t immediately lay my hand on it now
    Gabriel:Thanx Peter
    Tony Carr:thanks Jerome
    Gabriel:I am in a restaurant in Kaoma, rural Zambia
    Gabriel:on my way to Mongu
    Tony Carr:yes indeed
    kolawole:Hi Hab
    Tony Carr:
    peter:Yes we got you Jerome
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Hei Gabi. Attending in a restaurant?
    Gabriel:yes thot I cud catch up b4 proceeding with trip @JTD
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Thanks everyone
    Gabriel:Thanks Jerome
    Tony Carr:Thanks Jerome – and thanks to all -see you in the forum
    peter:Jerome it’s our challenge in Nigeria – reliable connectivity
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Yeah Peter
    Jakob Pedersen 2:
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Ok bye everybody
    Gabriel:Same here Peter but quite impressed that I cud use my phone as a hotspot
    Gabriel:bye JTD
    peter:Thanks to the team – Tony, Jakob and Nicolla
    Dr Jerome Dooga:Yeah
    peter:Thanks Jerome
    kolawole:Thanks to all. Buy

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