Learn as you earn

Learn as you earn

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  • Thanks everyone for the questions and inputs you made this afternoon. Really made me think deeply about what is actually possible (ie what the Trust can achieve as a medium sized NGO) and to what extent it can influence change in the rural school space – but also encouraged me because I realize there are some things we are doing right and one must continue to reinforce and build on these – but it will take time. resources and creativity – there are no shortcuts. Technology is a powerful tool and people need to be encouraged and helped to use it in relevant/meaningful/effective ways wherever they are……

    I found the link to a workshop report on the “Learn as you Earn” concept I talked about earlier – its been pilotted in the Eastern Cape. I am attaching the pdf file to this message – have a look. It sounds a really exciting approach but also has not been proven sustainable yet – only time will tell? What do you think?


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    Thank you Alice for a great presentation yesterday afternoon. I hope the other particnatpns will download and have a look at the attached document which is a great resource.

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