Innovative Approaches to Blended Learning: Chat transcript second session 6 June

Innovative Approaches to Blended Learning: Chat transcript second session 6 June

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    Nicola Pallitt:Welcome Rey:)
    daniela:hi everyone!
    Bronwyn:Hello all
    Rey:Thank you very much! It’s good to be here, learnt a lot from yesterdays session
    Nicola Pallitt:Great Rey:)
    Nicola Pallitt:Welcome Cath!
    Cath:~~wave~~ hi there everyone…. πŸ™‚
    Cath:@Nicola – hey there !! ~~wave~~ πŸ™‚
    daniela:hi everyone!
    daniela:glad you made it back !
    Tony Carr:Hi to the marvellous CPUT team!
    Cath:@Irene ~~~wave~~ halllooooo πŸ™‚
    Nicola Pallitt:@Bronwyn click on Meeting at top and then audio setup wizard and just work through those steps
    Nicola Pallitt:helps regulate mic etc
    Irene Maweu:Good afternoon everyone.
    Tony Carr:Greetings Irene, Cath and Rey πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:Hi Tony
    Cath:@Tony ~~wave~~ hi there πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:Hi Nicola.
    daniela:welcome back all!
    Nicola Pallitt:Nice to see you here again Olufemi
    Tony Carr:Hi Olufemi πŸ™‚
    Bronwyn:@Nicola – Thank you test done all good
    Nicola Pallitt:perfect sound B:)
    Nicola Pallitt:Please share any questions or reflections with us here
    daniela:did you manage to have a look at Cheryl and Bronwyn’s videos?
    olufemi olubodun:Thanks Tony:)
    Nicola Pallitt:all links on facebook
    Tony Carr:this is at least as important as the story about how to continue teaching in a time of disruption
    Nicola Pallitt:Greetings Alice:)
    ABZ:Thank you
    Nicola Pallitt:perfect D:)
    Cath:Yes – sound is perfect ! πŸ™‚
    Rey:Loud and clear
    Jakob Pedersen:All good!
    Irene Maweu:Yes loud and clear
    Cath:@Abz ~~wave~~ hey there πŸ™‚
    Irene Maweu:Hi ABZ. Nice to see you
    ABZ:@Cath…. ~~~~ and Irene ~~~
    Tony Carr:
    Tony Carr:Caring Democracy – looks like its available for download in sections
    Nicola Pallitt:Thanks Tony:)
    Tony Carr:sounds like its about community in the smallest, largest and most interwoven and ecological ways
    Tony Carr:Welcome back Gabriel!
    Jakob Pedersen:Thanks Daniela – postHum πŸ˜‰
    Tony Carr:Thanks for joining us John
    Tony Carr:Is it realistic to assume a mutuality in the caring relationship with students? What do we lose if we stop assuming mutuality?
    John:Hello to you all. Sorry for joining late.
    Nicola Pallitt:Better late than never John – nice to see you here:)
    Nicola Pallitt:hear you fine Cheryl – go for it:)
    Nicola Pallitt:Daniela’s questions as reminder: How does an ethical blended learning practice look like?What conditions need to be in place for an ethical blended learning practice?What do we need to know about our students?How does our practice relate to the institutional context?
    Nicola Pallitt:What does ethical blended learning practice mean in your context?
    Nicola Pallitt:Please share in the text chat
    Nicola Pallitt:perfectly B:)
    Tony Carr:good sound
    Jakob Pedersen:Yes all good Bronwyn
    Cheryl Belford:yes
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Hi everyone!!
    Tony Carr:Hi Mohamed πŸ™‚
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Hi Tony
    Cath:@Mohamed ~~~wave~~~ hi there πŸ™‚
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Thanks Cath
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Expecting staff to engage in blended learning when they were not ready – rushed and panicked practice can end up in bad practice
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Because it takes time for both lecturers and students so sometimes staff developers have a dual care role
    Nicola Pallitt 2:care about the people the lecturers are caring for
    Tony Carr:Can you say more about the ethical challenge of teaching students online when many students have only irregular access to data?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:You want to take the mic Cheryl?
    Tony Carr:And when some students and staff may see online teaching as deeply problematic?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:especially when it is lauded as a solution
    daniela:thats on top of Blackboard Cheryl?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Thanks Cheryl,
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Any more questions or comments folks?
    Bronwyn:I am being very bold but I think reflecting on Daniela saying caring is a two way thing. This is just my opinion, the overiding feeling during FMF students cared to a lesser extent about those around them
    Tony Carr:why was that Bronwyn?
    John:The solidarity is very iimportant since students should meet deadlines so that the lecture should come to closure. I did some with my students on Saylor and for over a year, my students haven’t submit their assignment despite many encouragments and warnings,
    Nicola Pallitt 2:What is Saylor John?
    Bronwyn:I don’t know. When one considers individual cases, then one understands. I believe it has to do with the solidarity
    John:a MOOC platform.
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Probably hard to generalise to all students I imagine, some were caring and others were not, some protested violently and others chose other forms to let their voices be heard. Some cared for their lecturers back, others preferred to blame
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Thanks John
    Cheryl Belford:Initially before I had clarified the SUBMISSIONA DATE thing I think that students worked out of a sense of obligation or fear BUT as I advertised the completion rate per assessment and overall it might have inspired students to try. I think that they might have also started talking to each other in different ways
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Maybe it’s not about would we, but how we should do it so that we can be ethical in our approaches to blended and/or online learning
    daniela:good point Nicola!
    Bronwyn:Agreed – very good point Nicola
    Cheryl Belford:Currently Im hosting a class exclusively on Google. There is no FMF now and Im very firm about the submission dates. This really seems to work
    John:I agree with you Cheryl.
    Nicola Pallitt 2:
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Great Cheryl:)
    Gabriel:I find the concept of caring for your own students only interesting
    Cheryl Belford:I use a google chrome document to list Qs and As to form a respository for the subject. Student s really love this. It is alwasy active. Some really great Qs but also really silly ones that is easily answered in subject guide or study material
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Good point, whould fear drive participation – is that care
    Nicola Pallitt 2:should*
    Gabriel:that’s great Cheryl
    Tony Carr:thanks Bronwyn, Cheryl and Daniela for sharing your experience and thinking about how you grappled with the complex and sometimes messy ethical challenges
    Bronwyn:It is difficult to have assessments on Google drive
    Tony Carr:google forms?
    Bronwyn:Ahhhh. Yes indeed
    Bronwyn:Thanks Tony
    Cheryl Belford:I have learning how to use google forms. MChoice. So my assessments are planned around that. Even design calc. This same approach appplied to BBoard.
    daniela:I am fine
    Cheryl Belford:Bye all.
    Bronwyn:Thank you all
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Thanks a lot Bronwyn, Cheryl and Daniela
    Cath:Thanks all for another great session πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:thanks to all of you!
    Mohamed A. Ahmed:Bye
    John:From Ghana, I thank you all. It has been an eye opener. BYe all.
    Rey:Thanks all!

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