Innovative Approaches to Blended Learning: Chat transcript first session 5 June

Innovative Approaches to Blended Learning: Chat transcript first session 5 June

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    Nicola Pallitt:Greetings Robym:) Please tell us what you do and where you’re from
    Nicola Pallitt:Same for folks joining us in the next few mins
    Robyn:Oh! Hi. πŸ™‚ I’m an instructional designer for the Red & Yellow Marketing School in Cape Town.
    Robyn:Just getting in early so I can be sure everything works!
    Nicola Pallitt:Hi everyone (from Daniela, Bronwyn and Cheryl)
    Sindile:I am.Sindile an.Educational.Researcher and manager of the Disability Unit at Unisa
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Nice to meet you Sindile:) I’m part of the e/merge Africa team and ed tech lecturer at CILT, UCT
    Jakob Pedersen:Good afternoon – I am Project Manager for e/merge Africa
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Please introduce yourselves folks, we love to see who is joining us
    Jakob Pedersen:Today in southern suburb of Cape Town, Wynberg
    Robyn:Reading you loud and clear. πŸ™‚
    Lize:Hi everyone, I’m Lize Terblanche, a publisher at Pearson
    Gabriel:Hi all
    Gabriel:I am attending meeting with a colleague Nchimunya
    Tony Carr:Hi everyone
    Gabriel:and Mulyata from EVelyn Hone College
    Gabriel:I cant get any sound
    Tony Carr:Welcome Nchimunya !
    Cath:~~wave~~ hi everyone !! πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:Tony Carr, educational technologist at UCT
    Antonio Chimuzu:Alo everybody
    Tony Carr:Sound working for everyone?
    Lize:yes thanks
    Cath:Yes – sound is loud and clear πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:Gabriel?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:ok will do
    Nicola Pallitt 2:We just posted a pic of all sitting here on the facebook event page
    Gabriel:hi Tony can get sound clear
    Tony Carr:great
    Nicola Pallitt 2:@Gabi sound in 1 minute again
    Nikki Schaay:hi all nikki from school of public health at uwc.
    Alicebz:Hi all
    Gabriel:Hi nicola
    Jakob Pedersen:recording on!
    Cath:Yes- loud and clear πŸ™‚
    Gabriel:I am with Mulyata from Evelyn Hone College coordinator for ODL
    Gabriel:& Nchimunya Head of Section ODL @ Evelyn Hone College
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Thanks for the intros, please keep them rolling
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Did you enjoy Bronwyn and Cheryl’s videos?
    Gabriel:yes on the ED Tech programme? 2:Yes Nicola. they were inspiring videos
    Nicola Pallitt 2:no in the fab event page for this event
    Nicola Pallitt 2:facebook* not fab
    Gabriel:ok missed those
    Nicola Pallitt 2:but it will be fab too:)
    Robyn:Nicola, it can be both πŸ™‚
    Nicola Pallitt 2:
    Nicola Pallitt 2:True Robyn:)
    Nicola Pallitt 2:playlist with both vids to catch if you didn’t get to watch them earlier and want to watch them after this session:
    Nicola Pallitt 2:These images probably look familiar to folka in SA
    Nicola Pallitt 2:folks*
    Nicola Pallitt 2:So if colleagues from other parts of the world have questions, please fire away
    Nicola Pallitt 2:yay open educational practices:)
    Caroline Magunje:Hie I have lost sound
    Gabriel:what made learners readily accept online teaching & assessment?
    Gabriel:ok tahnks
    Alicebz:What sort of incentives were used?
    Alicebz:Marks work!
    Gabriel:were learners eager to use Blackboward?
    Robyn:Interesting – I work with adult learners (professionals) who don’t seem to see 2% as enough incentive to engage, most of the time :/
    Robyn:Thank you!
    Gabriel:how did you get your boss to support you in using Blackboard?
    Gabriel:Thank you 2:Did you have cases of students resisting the new approach and how did you deal with it?
    Tony Carr:Did you have students who supported the FMF shutdown in 2015 and 2016 taking part in the course online?
    Tony Carr:great
    Tony Carr::)
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Another great free tool for making narrated presentations
    Nicola Pallitt 2:What’s in your toolbox folks?
    Karen Ferreira-Meyers:Hi everyone, my connection is really bad.
    Robyn:h5P is a fun, free, easy to learn tool to insert interactives into online notes and videos, etc.:
    Simone:Thanks Nicolla
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Recording will go on YouTube if you lose us Karen:)
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Thanks Robyn:) Any other free tools folks want to share with colleagues?
    Antonio Chimuzu 2:h5p is great
    Antonio Chimuzu 2:More t ools? – Google Classroom
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Catherine Cronin’s presentation can be viewed on the e/merge Africa YouTube channel
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Free open tools suitable for doing blended learinng with low-bandwidth or offline
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Like students can download a small file of a narrated presentation by a lecturer – watch on phone, etc.
    Antonio Chimuzu 2:OwnCloud is a good tool. no Internet needed.
    Nicola Pallitt 2:And a conversation we’re reflecting on now and invite further discussion on tomorrow:)
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Wow – thanks Antonio, will check it out
    Tony Carr:feedback!!
    Tony Carr:too many mics open at the same time!
    Nicola Pallitt 2:okay will sign to folks here lol
    Nicola Pallitt 2:SA lecturers: How did you respond during FMF?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:Outside SA: Have you been in a similar situation where contextual situations forced you to innovate?
    Tony Carr:fine
    Chris Busang:Its fine
    Tony Carr:And student protest and university shutdowns aren’t limited to SA
    Gabriel:what did you do to studnets who did not have the technology?
    Gabriel:and to those who had but did not know how to use it?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:and colleagues in the room – what does innovation mean to you?
    Nicola Pallitt 2:innovating with blended learning
    Sindile:what happened to your students with special need? were you them?
    Sindile:yes. thanks
    Gabriel:what did you do to studnets who did not have the technology?
    Caroline Magunje:Very impressive indeed
    Olufemi Olubodun:Hi everyone
    Gabriel:i am
    Chris Busang:Will join tomorrow
    Alicebz:Great presentation
    Nikki Schaay:Thank you all facilititating this session.
    Antonio Chimuzu:Thank you for sharing this presentation.
    Gabriel:Thank u for teh presenation
    Robyn:Thank you everyone!
    Olufemi Olubodun:Bye
    Irene Maweu:Thank you for a great presentation
    Caroline Magunje:bye
    Irene Maweu:Bye everyone and see you tomorrow
    Cath:Thanks for the presentation πŸ™‚
    Olufemi Olubodun:Will catch up this interesting presentation in the recording

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