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    I’ve create a doc for this week (Week 2: Create & Combine) in the Google folder

    Grainne was very helpful earlier answering questions I had on Facebook RE the second C ‘Create’ where I was confused about the differences between reusing, tweaking and repurposing. I came to the conclusion that “it’s like a spectrum where reusing you do nothing and use as is, tweak is minor changes and repurpose is extensive changes and then there’s create which is your own resource from scratch.” Grainne added that “Part of the aim is i) to collate all the resources you need in one place and ii) to establish how much time and effort you need to invest and whether or not you have the appropriate skills”.

    Group members please advise on the resources, make additions, etc.

    For the course map part, see slide 43 of Grainne’s presentation and

    Where do you guys want to make the course map?

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    Hi Nicola, your group has made good progress. Are you currently working on the course map or have you moved on to the Activity Profile and Story Board? These last few activities are actually inseparable and therefore you need not follow the sequence.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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