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Adobe Connect recording and chat transcript

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    Thank you to all who joined Dr. Ebenezer Malcalm’s talk today 5 June. In case you missed this session, please find a link for the recording here:

    Below find the chat transcript form the meeting room chat:

    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Alice
    Alicebz:Hi JP
    Jakob Pedersen:Hi Guest could we please have your name?
    Jakob Pedersen:Maybe you are our presenter?
    Tony Carr:You can rightclick on your name and change it
    Guest:Ebenezer here
    Jakob Pedersen:Welcome Ebenezer!
    Jakob Pedersen:Ebenezer could you hear me talk right now?
    Guest:yes i can hear you
    Guest: can you hear me?
    Tony Carr:good
    Tony Carr:Hi Ebenzer, good to see you here after meeting briefly at eLearning Africa ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tony Carr:Good afternoon Alice and Mabuke ๐Ÿ™‚
    mabuke:Good Afternoon Tony
    Alicebz:Hi there
    Ebenezer Malcalm:Hello Alice, Mabuke et al
    mabuke:Hi everyone
    Tony Carr:Welcome Claudia ๐Ÿ™‚
    Alicebz:Yes TC
    Tony Carr:we will use the recording to make the information from this session available to colleagues who aren’t here today as well
    Ebenezer Malcalm:Hello Claudia
    jolanda:listening on mobile…
    Tony Carr:Flagging for later :so the concept of interaction is about social learning rather than responsive materials? Role of peer learning in UPSA hybrid courses?
    Tony Carr:Hi Jolanda ๐Ÿ™‚
    jolanda:hi tony
    jolanda:good to be here! interesting session.
    Tony Carr:Also flagged for later: Anything going on re capacity of educators to facilitate online learning?
    jolanda: I’m wondering…at wich stage is the learning design conceptualised?
    Alicebz:How are the materials licenced?
    claudia frittelli:what are the credentials of the external reviewers and where do you find them?
    Alicebz:Has the use of existing OERs been considered?
    claudia frittelli:who makes up the stakeholder committee?
    jolanda:There seems to be an emphasis on development of materials.
    jolanda:Is this where the major part of tbe budget goes?
    Alicebz:Thank you
    jolanda:very interesting
    Ebenezer Malcalm:tony you are breaking
    claudia frittelli:lost sound
    claudia frittelli:yes
    jolanda:thank you
    claudia frittelli:have you conducted student evaluations of these courses and if so, what are the results?
    jolanda:Do you have good LD examples that you draw on?
    jolanda:would be interesting to see how commuication courses are taught
    jolanda:sounds like only materials are reviewed
    Tony Carr:Saide – South African Institute for Distance Education
    claudia frittelli:thanks
    jolanda:thanks. interesting
    Alicebz:This is a pilot – how does the university hope to incentivize this development and make it sustainable?
    claudia frittelli:agreed
    jolanda:do the online courses impact on resident programmes?
    claudia frittelli:how was this pilot funded?
    jolanda:and how they are offered?
    Alicebz:In what ways does the institution’s policy support these development efforts?
    jolanda:any blends?
    jolanda:online components as part of f2f too
    claudia frittelli:Thanks very much. Nice overview and good discussion.
    Vicky Nembaware:Great presentation! Could the policy documents be shared for others to learn?
    Vicky Nembaware:Cheers
    jolanda:must be open to learn as we go
    claudia frittelli:yes, thanks for sharing.
    Ebenezer Malcalm:Thank to you for your inputs and questions
    jolanda:how can we share resources, experiences and expertise in Africa
    Alicebz:Thank you so much for sharing
    Jakob Pedersen:Recording has ended
    jolanda:very informative
    Ebenezer Malcalm:thanks Jolanda
    jolanda:have a great week end.
    Ebenezer Malcalm:Same

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