Adobe Connect live presentation recording and transcript Wednesday 18 November

Adobe Connect live presentation recording and transcript Wednesday 18 November

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    Dear colleagues, thank you to those of you who took part in our online live session with Gabriel Konayuma. The recording of this session is available here. Below please find chat transcript:

    kolawole:Hi Gbariel
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Kolawole, Gabriel is not in the room yet, but hopefully soon we will start in about 2 hours time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Gabriel
    Gabriel:Hi Jakob
    Gabriel:yes faintly tho
    Gabriel:clear now
    Gabriel:some echo tho
    Gabriel:using my laptop but will also try a PC shortly
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Microphone access on your side?
    Gabriel:can I try 2 speak?
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Yes!
    Gabriel:let me see if I can borrow a headset
    Jakob Pedersen 2:I am getting feedback from myself – please log out and see if you can log on with only one person
    Jakob Pedersen 2:ie. so there is no Gabriel 2 – might you to restart browser
    Jakob Pedersen 2:bu otherwise the sound I had through from you is fine
    Gabriel 2:sorry I had opened 2 bowswers let me close 1
    Jakob Pedersen 2:head set or at least ear phones would be good
    Gabriel 2:where do i log out from?
    Jakob Pedersen 2:you should be logged out when just closing your browser – also under meeting pls check if you have a log out function there or “End meeting
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi Gabriel you mike is on and I hear you much better now
    Gabriel 3:thanx
    Gabriel 3:did Audio Test n it is perfect
    kinsley:Hello Everyone
    Tony Carr:Hi kinsley and Luckson!
    Tony Carr:will be back in a few minutes
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Good afternoon and welcome Kinsley and Luckson
    Gerrit Wissing:Hi all
    Tony Carr:Hello Gerrit!
    Tony Carr:and Gabriel
    Gabriel:Hi Evryone
    Gabriel:Hi Tony
    Gabriel:Hi Gerrit
    kinsley:Clear on my side
    Tony Carr:a bit of fuzz in the sound
    Tony Carr:but manageable
    Gabriel:Hi Luckson
    Gabriel:Hi Kinsley
    kinsley:Hi Gabs
    Gabriel:How are u?
    Tony Carr:good afternoon Gabriel!
    alicebz:Hi all from Bushbuckridge
    Tony Carr:Hi Alice BZ!
    Jakob Pedersen 2:Hi ABZ welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
    alicebz:Hi TC and JP
    alicebz:using my phone as a hotspot as there is no power
    alicebz:Hoping the battery will last
    Tony Carr:Welcome Mohamed!
    alicebz:Hi Mo
    mohamed:Thank you Tony
    mohamed:Hi Alice!
    Gerrit Wissing:Battling with sound, will join soonest
    Tony Carr:ok Gerrit
    mohamed:Good luck Gabriel
    mohamed:sound unclear
    kolawole:Hello everybody
    alicebz:Hi Kolawole
    Tony Carr:Kolawole – good to see you here
    mohamed:Hi Kolawole
    Cheryl:Gabriel, you mentioned that e-learning policy was generally good. I’d be interested in reading the policy… is it publically available?
    kolawole:Thanks Tony, mohammed, alice, cherryl
    alicebz:Are there supporting institutional policies or guidelines?
    Tony Carr:Can you say a bit more about how you would see a more flexible approach working?
    Tony Carr:thanks
    alicebz:What incentives if any are there that might encourage policy implementation?
    Tony Carr:t6hanks Gabriel
    Tony Carr:rooibos in the cybercafe’ in Lusaka ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tony Carr::)
    kinsley:Thanks Gabs
    mohamed:Thank you Gabriel .
    Jakob Pedersen 2:
    Gabriel:Thank you all!
    Tony Carr:ok
    Tony Carr:a question
    alicebz:Nice question TC
    Tony Carr:thanks Gabriel – great answer
    Tony Carr:any more questions?
    Tony Carr:resonances? Common experiences?
    Tony Carr:approaches to resolve some of these?
    alicebz:Apart from funding and support for development what else is done to encourage lecturers to participate eg do they get recognition for innovative teaching the way others get recognition for research outputs?
    Gabriel:Alice does that answer your question
    Tony Carr:Any further reflections on the paper or the challenges Gabriel?
    Tony Carr::)
    alicebz:Having good policies is great but implementation is anothet thing. My observation in the school sector is that unless educators are expected to use technology as part of their day to day tasks – nothing really changes (a comment)
    Tony Carr:Be driven by the opportunities and deal with the challenges?
    Tony Carr:Thanks Gabriel !
    Tony Carr:Wondering if we have got to where we need to be in this live event – and can continue in the forum? Link on landing page
    Gabriel:I think so
    mohamed: ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jakob Pedersen 2:
    Tony Carr:best cafe’ for Net and social connection !
    alicebz:Thanks Gabe
    kinsley:Ok, thanks Jakob
    Gabriel:ha ha ha TC yes. Found a nice place I wud want to take u if u stray into Lsk
    Gabriel:Thanks ABZ
    Gabriel:Thanks Kinz
    alicebz:Catch up in the forum
    kinsley:Good Work Gabs, Thanks alot
    mohamed:Thank you Gabriel
    Gabriel:Tho u didnt ask anything
    Gabriel:Thanks Kinz
    Gabriel:Thanks Mohamed

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