Adobe Connect live presentation recording and transcript available here

Adobe Connect live presentation recording and transcript available here

Home Forums Using Alternative Learning Mode (ALM) in Engaging Students at the University of Sierra Leone During the Ebola Outbreak Adobe Connect live presentation recording and transcript available here

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    Dear all,

    Thank you to those of you who attended today’s Adobe Connect online live presentation with Dr. Daniel Stevens from the University of Sierra Leone. The recording of this session is available here. Please find chat transcript below

    Nompilo:Welcome to all those who have joined us so far. Looking forward to a thought-provoking presentation.
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Thank you Nompilo – From my side welcome as well. We are facing afew technical issues but hope to have our presenter Dr. Daniel Adrian Stevens with us shortly
    Nompilo:Hi we can hear you clearly
    Jakob Pedersen 3:yes Tony
    magda:Fine with me! πŸ™‚
    Nompilo:That’s fine
    Adejare Amoo: loud and clear. . Thanks for the info.
    Tony Carr:welcome to our presenter!
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:Hi Everyone can you hear me?
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Daniel were you able to hear sound just now?
    Adejare Amoo:Welcome. Loud and clear
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:yes i did
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Daniel no sound, please go to top menu Meeting> Audio Setup Wizard..
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Sound is also enabled by clicking the microphone at the top until it turns green
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:It seem as if some people can hear me whilst others can’t
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:is there are problem?
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Daniel please locate the Microphone icon in the top menu, activate and let’s see if we can hear you, otherwise please go to Meeting > AUdio Setup Wizard..
    Jakob Pedersen 3:no sound on my side
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:is there a problem
    Nompilo:I can’t hear anything either.
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:who then can hear me?
    Tony Carr:no sound from you yet
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:i can hear you loud and clear
    Tony Carr:ok, now you just need to activate your mike
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:maybe i need to look for another mic
    Tony Carr:Hi Adejare
    Tony Carr:more encouraging sounds
    Nompilo:loud and clear
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Daniel this sounds fine
    Jakob Pedersen 3:atleast sound πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:mike level very high but we can hear your voice
    Tony Carr:loud enough fro distortion
    Adejare Amoo:Hello Tony. It’s pleasant to be on this forum.
    Nompilo:Yes we can hear you
    Adejare Amoo:Loud and clear., Daniel.
    Tony Carr:we look forward to hearing you some more πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:we hear you
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Tony, will you do the introduction once ready?
    Adejare Amoo:Of course yes.
    Nompilo:yes we are ready!
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Recording is now in session
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Daniel you may go ahead
    Tony Carr:thanks
    Jakob Pedersen 3:you will be moving the slides using the grey arrows
    Nompilo:Thanks for highlighting the importance of management and staff buy-in – this is critical for any ICT innovation.
    Adejare Amoo:Which platform did you use, please?
    Nompilo:we’re still here
    Adejare Amoo:Always with you, Daniel.
    Nompilo:Thank you Daniel
    Tony Carr:thanks Daniel!
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:i cannot hear anyone
    Nompilo:Well done for making it work with limited resources
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:i have lost you
    Tony Carr:were you brought in specifically to make this intervention or were you already working at the university?
    Adejare Amoo:Thanks Daniel. Which platform was used?
    Tony Carr:so a challenge organisationally
    Tony Carr:also as someone relatively new in the post
    Adejare Amoo:This could be a good base to link the African universities, on MOOC, on regional basis at first and later all the universities.
    Tony Carr:do your colleagues want to go back to “normal” ?
    Tony Carr:or is it understtood that there is now a new normal
    Tony Carr:?
    kolawole:Hello everybody
    Adejare Amoo:Thanks, Daniel.
    Tony Carr:Hi Kolawole πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:yes!
    Jakob Pedersen 3:We hear you Daniel
    Tony Carr:we hear you well
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:can you still hear me?
    Tony Carr:indeed πŸ™‚
    Adejare Amoo:Loud and clear
    Tony Carr:Is it understood that there is now a new normal?
    Nompilo:Have you had any feedback from the students about their experience of this ALM?
    Nompilo:Did the students experience any challenges in accessing the lecture notes and sending in their assignments?
    Tony Carr:is there a commitment in the university to resourcing for infrastructure, staff development etc?
    Tony Carr:Kolawole, ask your q in the teext chat
    Tony Carr:Daniel isn’t hearing us well
    Adejare Amoo:Do you plan to make this the “OPEN UIVERSITY OF SIERRA LEONE?”
    Tony Carr:amazing!
    kolawole:How did the academic staff accept this ALM. Because most times academic staff are too conservative about ICT use in teaching and learning
    Adejare Amoo:Great to think of the application to the primary and secondary education levels..
    Tony Carr:After the live meeting we can continue in the discussion forum at
    kolawole:Then ALM should be considered as an options to leverage the gap between supply and demand for higher education
    Tony Carr:well you proved that during the Ebola epidemic
    Nompilo:ICT is the vehicle to carry higher education – thanks Daniel
    magda:Wonderful presentation, Daniel. Will definitely be engaging in discussions .
    Tony Carr:Thanks Daniel!
    Daniel Adrian Stevens:thank you
    Nompilo:See you all in the discussions
    Adejare Amoo:The industriai private sector give top priority to ICT . eDUCATION SECTOR TO COPY.
    Tony Carr:Recording is off
    Nompilo:Thanks Daniel and thank you all for joining this session.
    Tony Carr:I think we can adjourn now and reconvene in the forum
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Thank you all for joining!
    Tony Carr:Thanks Daniel for sharing your unique experience and the invaluable learning from this extreme experience of ICT in education
    Tony Carr:see you in the forum
    Jakob Pedersen 3:Recording will be made available later today in the forum and Facebook seminar page
    Adejare Amoo:The industrial private sector gives top priority to ICT . Education sector to copy. too.

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