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    Dear colleagues, thank you all very much for a good online live session with Dr. Ephraim Mhlanga – The recording of this session is available here Please find the chat transcript available below:

    alicebz:Hi Eph
    Tony Carr:Welcome Shirley E πŸ™‚
    Nompilo Tshuma:Hi Shirley and welcome
    Shirley Esterhuizen:Thank you!
    Tony Carr:
    Nompilo Tshuma:Did you get a chance to go through the document?
    Tony Carr:very useful document
    Shirley Esterhuizen:agree. Good guidelines
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thank you for sharing
    Shirley Esterhuizen:What happened? Sound is gone on my side.
    Nompilo Tshuma:We still have sound Shirley.
    Nompilo Tshuma:Check the icon at the top, next to ‘Meeting’ and see if your speakers are not muted
    alicebz:Yay! Hi jerome you made it!
    Nompilo Tshuma:”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” – good analogy Ephraim
    Nompilo Tshuma:Hi Jerome – welcome.
    Nompilo Tshuma:Shirley, do you have sound now?
    Jerome Dooga:I am finally in. Phew!
    Jerome Dooga:Well done everyone.
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks
    Jerome Dooga:This slide addresses the questions I asked in the forum
    Mohamed Ahmed:Hi Jerome !
    Jerome Dooga:Hi Mohamed.
    Jerome Dooga:Glad you are here.
    Nompilo Tshuma:Do we accept that quality is based on individual prefernces, contexts, etc.
    alicebz:Jerome it does.
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thank you.
    Tony Carr:so quality standards for African contexts would need to speak to global quality standards directly ?
    Jerome Dooga:I agree that we should keep an eye on what happens elsewhere. However, we should take cognizance of our contexts, our needs, and our circumstances.
    Tony Carr:Hi Jerome, good to see both of you here πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:Yeah Tony. It’s great.
    Tony Carr:And Anita too πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:Why is there an echo Jacob?
    Mohamed Ahmed:Yes Jerome.
    Mohamed Ahmed:we should take cognizance of our contexts, our needs, and our circumstances.
    Jerome Dooga:What pisses many off is the notion of importing foreign standards wholesale and uncritically imposing them on Africa.
    Nompilo Tshuma:@Jerome, do you have 2 devices connected to today’s meeting? That could be the reason for the echo.
    Anita:Thanks. What does the ‘standard’ triangle represent?
    Tony Carr:Jerome – switch off the sound on one of your devices
    Jakob Pedersen:Slides will be made availble after the session
    Jerome Dooga:No. I have only one device connected. But I tried many times, so maybe many meeting windoms are open. Let me check.
    Tony Carr:standards used to push quality up the hill ?
    Anita:Ok, the effort needed to keep the quality up – got it!
    Mohamed Ahmed:Yes, Tony.
    Nompilo Tshuma:@Anita, did you get the response to your question about the standard triangle?
    Nompilo Tshuma:Ok – never mind my question Anita
    Jerome Dooga:I see that the quality improvement matrix is a process that must keep improving
    Jerome Dooga:That being the case, the question is, at what point do we start deploying the courses? Do we have to wait until we reach the peak of the brown tryiange, cross over to the green and proceed to the third triange before we start to deploy?
    Tony Carr:Jerome, can you be confident about the quality of any course that hasn’t been road tested with the learners/ students?
    Nompilo Tshuma:@Jerome, I think we deploy and adapt with each cohort of students. So each round of deployment allows us to improve on the quality of the course.
    Jerome Dooga:Is student engagement a function of the design or the quality of the resources? Is it not possible that one may just have a set of students who are just not interested and may be unwilling to engage properly, even with the best of support and motivation? Is this scenario possible?
    Jerome Dooga:Go ahead.
    Anita:Sure, show the clip.
    Jakob Pedersen:Everybody able to view the clip?
    Nompilo Tshuma:Yes, it seems to be starting again
    Vicky:yes, thank you – but i keeps re-starting?
    Jakob Pedersen:Please let the video play πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:I can see it. But it’s not playing
    Tony Carr:now it is
    Jerome Dooga:Is this a problem with my connection?
    Tony Carr:hopefully noone is playing with the vid ..
    Jerome Dooga:I can see her on my screen, but it’s not moving
    Nompilo Tshuma:@Jerome, it may be your connection
    Tony Carr:watch afterwards Jerome – may be a bandwidth issue
    Jerome Dooga:It’s playing and stoping.
    Tony Carr:definitely a bandwidth issue Jerome
    Jakob Pedersen:This video is also availble on youtube:
    Jerome Dooga:Ok. I agree. My connection is slow.
    Jerome Dooga:Anyway, not to worry. I have watched this clip before.
    Tony Carr:ok
    Mohamed Ahmed:
    Mohamed Ahmed:
    Jerome Dooga:Jacob, you can keep it somewhere that we can download. Don’t know how to take from Youtube.
    Jakob Pedersen:Thanks Jerome I will make it available for download on our landing page later
    Jerome Dooga:I think this is even based on her book. I have read something like this from her.
    Tony Carr:will be available in the recording of this event Jerome
    Jerome Dooga:Cool!
    Jakob Pedersen:..As well as link to her seminar she gave for e/merge Africa last year
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks Tony. No anxiety then.
    Nompilo Tshuma:Her 2 books are E-modetaring and E-tivities – very good books for online facilitators
    Tony Carr::)
    Nompilo Tshuma:E-moderating: the key to teaching and learning online
    Ephraim:I hope that was useful
    Nompilo Tshuma:E-tiviities: the key to active online learning
    Tony Carr:thanks Ephraim
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks Ephraim
    Nompilo Tshuma:Very helpful visualisation in the video
    Jakob Pedersen:Thanks Ephraim – please go back a bit I needed to mute your mike during the video
    Jerome Dooga:This slide is very useful. Thank you.
    Tony Carr:Landing page for our online seminar in the e/merge Africa site
    Tony Carr:Online discussion at
    Tony Carr:Facebook event page at
    Jerome Dooga:This was a very fine presentation. We may not have time for Q&A in the live session. But there are many questions.
    Vicky:Thanks you
    Vicky:Thank you
    Jerome Dooga:We must continue in the Forums and the Facebook page.
    Tony Carr:Interesting that you focus on quality as a process running through from design choices to how the course is taught
    Jerome Dooga:Heei Vicky! Nice to see you here.
    Jerome Dooga:How do you facilitate large classes?
    Jerome Dooga:How do you respond to the many questions that may come in?
    Jerome Dooga:Do you address questions individually or respond to many related questions from time to time?
    Tony Carr:Thanks Ephraim πŸ™‚
    Jerome Dooga:There are many here in the chat
    Nompilo Tshuma:Thank you Ephraim
    Marina:Thank you πŸ™‚
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thanks Ephraim πŸ™‚
    Tony Carr:Tony Carr: Landing page for our online seminar in the e/merge Africa site Carr: Online discussion at Carr: Facebook event page at
    Guest:Sorry guys – problems with bandwidth only connected now
    Jerome Dooga:That’s cool. So Ephraim, address some of the question in the chat
    Nompilo Tshuma:I think there are some burning questions – Jerome?
    Jerome Dooga:How do you facilitate large classes?
    Jerome Dooga:You might get many questions
    Tony Carr:online facilitation of large classes requires unleashing peer learning
    Jerome Dooga:That’s idealistic, not realistic in our context
    Jerome Dooga:Minimun numbers are 150-400
    Vicky:is there any move to have an international body which set standards of elearning?
    Tony Carr:what of MOOCs with 10s of thousands?
    Jerome Dooga:So, how does it work?
    Jerome Dooga:At what point, Ephraim, do we decide that, using your tirange model, that a course is ready for deployment?
    Nompilo Tshuma:@Vicky – I think we should consider whether we want standards set by bodies outside Africa?
    Mohamed Ahmed:Good one
    Jerome Dooga:Do you have to wait until you have crossed the red, the green and the third tirangle first?
    Nompilo Tshuma:You’re right Ephraim. It would be better to have locally-developed standards which suit our context
    Vicky:Sorry have to leave
    Nompilo Tshuma:Cheers Vicky. See you on the forum
    Vicky:Thank you very much!!!
    Tony Carr:thanks for joining us Vicky
    Jerome Dooga:That’s great
    Tony Carr:Guest, can you say who you are?
    alicebz:Thanks Eph!
    Jakob Pedersen:
    Tony Carr:Maybe we should summarise these questions as an item in the online discussion
    Jerome Dooga:I like the idea tht we can set standards and check what is happening elsewhere
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks Ephraim. This was a very useful seminar
    Tony Carr:Thank yuu Ephraim for a most stimulating seminar
    Ephraim:Yes, I did request Jakob that we capture all questions and analyse them
    Jerome Dooga:Thanks Jacob, Alice, Tony, everyone.
    Anita:Thanks, this was helpful to me as I contemplate setting up a blended maths course.
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thanks Jacob, Alice, Tony, Jerome, everyone.
    Tony Carr:See you in the forum at
    Nompilo Tshuma:Good bye everyone. See you all on the forum.
    Tony Carr:bye for now
    alicebz:Thanks JP
    Guest:sorry everyone that i missed the seminar – having problems with my service proviver – hopefully I will enjoy the recording – Carolynn B
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thank you Ephraim
    Nompilo Tshuma:Thanks Ephraim for the stimulating session
    Tony Carr:Hi Carolynn!
    Mohamed Ahmed:Thank you

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