Social Media Adoption by Nigerian Universities – How have they fared?

Social Media Adoption by Nigerian Universities – How have they fared?

12 October – 16 October 2015

The increasingly pervasive use of social media has changed the ways that individuals and institutions relate, communicate and share knowledge, with both positive and negative effects. In order to enhance their online visibility and presence universities have focused on a few large social networks. This study by Olufemi Olubodun Assistant Chief Technologist in the Faculty of Dental Sciences at University of Lagos, Nigeria, examines the presence, usage and visibility of social media on Nigerian university websites. The social media sites of institutions in Nigeria were compared to those of institutions in Europe and America in order to answer questions about the use, impact and prospects of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Our schedule for this seminar looks like this:

Monday 12 October: We open a discussion forum and make a paper and synopsis available supplied by our presenter. Discussion forum will stay open during the week

Wednesday 14 October: Online live session with Olufemi Olubodun via Adobe Connect. This event will take place at 1 pm (Central African Time) This is Accra: 11 am – Abuja: 12 pm – Cape Town: 1 pm – Nairobi: 2 pm.

Friday 16 October: Last day of the seminar


Olufemi Olubodun University of Lagos, Nigeria

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Discussion forum


Wednesday 14 October 2015
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Other Resources

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