Learning Design Workshop 2015

Learning Design Workshop

Jolanda Morkel and Nicola Pallitt
4 May – 19 May 2015

Starting on 4 May 2015 this 3 week workshop introduces the topic of learning design, focusing on the early part of the design process from discovery to ideation. During the three week period there will be 3 live online webinars and participants will be guided towards complete 3 online activities.

The three online activities are scheduled for the following dates:

Workshop Webinar 1 (5 May 12-1pm SAST time):
presented by Jolanda Morkel and Nicola Pallitt
By the end of workshop 1, you will:

  • have a basic understanding of what a design thinking approach to learning design is and be able to start applying it
  • be able to identify a wicked problem
  • be able to engage in problem finding
  • be able to start formulating guiding principles for design

Activity 1: Defining a brief and problem-finding

Webinar 2 (12 May 12-1pm SAST time):
presented by Jolanda Morkel and Nicola Pallitt
By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • have a basic understanding of what a design concept is and why it is important
  • be able to come up with a range of possible concept analogies and apply them to the learning design challenge
  • be able to formulate a concept to a wicked problem defined in activity 1

Activity 2: Conceptualise / ideate

Workshop 3 (15 May 6-7 pm SAST time):
presented by Jolanda Morkel and Nicola Pallitt, with invited guest presenter Willie Maritz, Kalleo
By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • be able to analyse precedent (good learning design examples)
  • be able to extract principles that might be applied to the next learning design challenge.
  • reflect on your learning design concept formulated in activity 2

Activity 3: Precedent analysis

This course is very valuable for all, who are interested in or currently involved in creating a course, seminar or module. This seminar is developed by Senior Lecturer Jolanda Morkel from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa and Dr. Nicola Pallitt from the University of Cape Town. The seminar is aimed at educators and draws on well-known figures from within the Learning Design Community, such as Gilly Salmon, Grainne Conole and Diana Laurillard. This is a great opportunity to get started on designing your own courses.


Nicola Pallitt holds a PhD in Media Studies and is a lecturer at the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at the University of Cape Town.Her research interests include understanding how people appropriate ICTs in various contexts. She is involved in curriculum innovation initiatives and work in assisting university staff with integrating educational technologies in their curricula. She also assists staff with developing their own professional ePortfolios for a range of purposes and provide special opportunities for postgraduates and new academics to develop these resources.
Jolanda Morkel is a qualified architect and senior lecturer in the Department of Architectural Technology in the Faculty of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The focus of her research and current doctoral studies in Design is the virtual learning environment for mastering conceptual design. She is investigating how emerging technologies may support the collaborative studio learning experience online.


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